Normal fierce218
Tempest Drake
Family Unknown
Occupation Thief
Powers and
Wind Manipulation
Played By Christine Chatelain
Status Alive

Tempest Drake is one of the members of the Weather Girls. She is portrayed by Christine Chatelain.

Powers and Abilities

Tempest has the ability to control Wind.

Early life

The three girls have been best friends since before kindergarten that got caught in a thunderstorm during the 2005 meteor shower. They have been known all over the Mid-west to complete in various competitions like mud wrestling, ring girls at a prize fight, and as maids from Octoberfest to steal valuables using their powers. The girls soon came back to Smallville to compete in the "Miss Sweet Corn" pageant to win the tiara and find a map in a time capsule to steal a legendary treasure located in town by tricking Kara into helping them. One of the girls, Carly was planning on going solo when she had the money with her boyfriend to a resort island but was killed by the leader Tyler because they said she wanted out. Clark attempted to stopped Tyler and Tempest but instead saved Jimmy, so Kara stopped them and were later arrested.

Season Seven


Tempest and the Weather Girls

When the girls came to Smallville, they were after a treasure map that was believed to be hidden in a time capsule. It supposedly led to millions of dollars in gold bars. They entered the "Miss Sweet Corn" beauty pageant to disguise their motives for being present in Smallville and to misdirect the authorities. Carly was planning on stealing the money before the other girls could get to it. She walked into a flower shop, but the room froze in seconds, killing her. At the Talon, Tyler revealed to Tempest that she took care of Carly. Kara asked them for help with her makeup, but they ignored her and made rude comments. Kara left and walked past the frozen flower shop, finding Carly dead.

After a rehearsal, Tyler and Tempest went to a back room and talked about Carly and sticking to the plan of using the pageant as a distraction. Jimmy snapped a photo of them, and Tempest told Tyler to "do her thing". As Jimmy got into his car, cold air and ice started filling it. He was unable to get out, but he saw Tyler in his rear view mirror. Just as Jimmy passed out, Kara ripped the door of the car off its hinges, saving him. Tyler witnessed this act. Kara was backstage at the Talon when Tyler and Tempest approached her. They told her that they knew about her powers, and asked her to help them steal the time capsule. They showed her a photo of the gold before it was hidden, and Kara saw a Kryptonian medallion. Thinking she had to get to the map before anyone else, Kara broke into the time capsule, betraying Tyler and Tempest. Later, they had her arrested at the pageant. According to Kara, a gust of wind blew the map away.

Clark Kent found the girls digging for the medallion in a parking lot. He tried to get it away from them, but Tempest formed a tornado, blowing kryptonite on Clark. Kara showed up and stopped Tempest and Tyler. Both girls are presumed captured.


  • Although Tyler appears to have control over the group, there have been times when Tyler explained herself to Tempest, as if answering to her. Such as when she killed Carly and Tyler nervously had to explain to Tempest and when they catch Jimmy spying on them she tells Tyler to "do her thing", as if commanding her.

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