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This article is about Tess of Earth-2. For her Earth doppelganger, see Tess Mercer.

Tess Luthor
Family Lionel Luthor (father, deceased), Lex Luthor (half-brother, deceased), Clark Luthor (adopted brother)
Occupation Former Stockholder of LuthorCorp
Played By Cassidy Freeman
Status Deceased
Last Seen Luthor
"You're a Luthor?" - Clark Kent to Tess Luthor, Luthor

Lutessa "Tess" Lena Luthor was Tess Mercer's doppelganger from Earth-2. She was Lionel Luthor's disowned daughter and Clark Luthor's adoptive sister and lover. She was later revealed to have died along with the rest of Earth-2.

Early life

In an alternate Earth where Lionel found the Traveler in Smallville and raised him as his son, Tess grew up knowing that Lionel was her father and that Lex was her half-brother. She (Tess) was raised by him (Lionel) but was disowned because she was not "special".[1]

Season Ten

Luthor 0290

Tess discovers that he's not her Clark.


Clark Kent asks Tess Luthor for help.

Despite being adopted siblings, Tess was having a passionate affair with Clark and together planned to use Lionel's mirror box to escape to Earth-1 and make it their own. When Clark Kent was sent to this darker Earth, Tess did not take long to realize that they were not the same person and helped Clark realize what happened.


Tess is forcibly taken away.

After trying to get information about the Kryptonian device from Lionel's office, she was discovered by him and after Lionel insulted her by calling her a disappointment, a half-breed tramp and just not special enough she is visibly hurt by the comments and screams at him in rage where Tess claims that he never loved her and demands to know why he never cared about her, she was arrested by security for having slapped Lionel and is dragged away still yelling at Lionel.

Season Eleven

It is mentioned by Earth-2's Chloe Sullivan that the planet was destroyed, meaning Tess died as well.


  • Tess of Earth-1 was seemingly killed by Lex Luthor, Tess of Earth-2 was killed when the planet was destroyed unlike Tess of Earth-1 she is never resurrected and is dead for good.
  • Similar to Tess of Earth-1 she was abused and bullied most of her life though she was only abused by Lionel rather than by several different individuals.
  • Her relationship with Clark can at most be considered incest on a technicality since he is only her adopted brother and not her biological brother like Lex is.
  • Like Chloe of Earth-2 she has a different hairstyle than her Earth-1 counterpart. She straightens her hair and always wears it down.


Family and Mentors
  • Tess and Lionel:Details on her hateful relationship with Lionel Luthor, her father.
  • Tess and Lex: Details on their complicated relationship.
  • Clark and Tess: Details on their affectionate adoptive sibling/romantic lovers relationship.



  1. Luthor

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