Tess Mercer has had several near-death experiences.

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
CKSavesTess 8x02 Plastique Tess was caught in a bus explosion and Clark Kent rescued her.
803Smallville0919 8x03 Toxic While on a remote island, Tess was kidnapped by Marcos. Tess was almost killed, but Oliver Queen jumped in front of her and saved her life. Marcos tracked Tess down to Metropolis and attacked her and just as he was about to kill her, Clark arrived and saved her.
804Smallville0384 8x04 Instinct Maxima grabbed Tess by the neck and threw her into the wall knocking her unconscious, almost killing her. Tess later regained conscious.
813Smallville0795 8x13 Power While trying to discover the location of Lex Luthor´s labs, Regan Matthews broke into Tess' office at the Daily Planet and prepared to shoot her but Tess disarmed him and then kicked him to death.
816Smallville0839 8x16 Turbulence Tess set off an explosion on the Queen Industries jet during her journey with Clark to expose his powers. Clark saved her after she was made unconscious from the lack of oxygen.
818Smallville0654 8x18 Eternal Davis Bloome threw Tess across the room after she revealed his destiny.
821Smallville0873 8x21 Injustice Tess' Injustice League turned on her and threatened to kill her but Clark and Oliver burst in to stop them.
X22doomsdaybluraymkv 001196194 8x22 Doomsday Tess fought Lois Lane at the Daily Planet and was knocked out by her. She later recovered and returned to the Luthor Mansion.
901Smallville0574 9x01 Savior Tess was violently beaten by the Kryptonians that she released from the Orb. She would likely have been killed by them if she couldn't have convinced them that she did not know why they were on Earth.
903Smallville0405 9x03 Rabid Tess was attacked by zombies and then turned into one herself by the zombie virus. She would have remained this way if the antidote hadn't been released.
Smallvilles09e06720phdtvx264immersemkv 002099472 9x06 Crossfire Tess' security was infiltrated by one of Zod's soldiers. Zod ordered the soldier to interrogate Tess and then kill her, but Tess overcame the soldier and later gave Zod his bloody dog tags.
907Smallville1203 9x07 Kandor Clark grabbed Tess by the neck to forced her to tell him the location of Jor-El.
909Smallville0696 9x09 Pandora Tess was killed by a crossbow bolt shot by Chloe Sullivan in the future. When Lois traveled back in time, she changed the future and created a new timeline in which Tess is still alive.
Persuasion 375 9x14 Persuasion Tess was nearly killed by Clark when he was infected with gemstone kryptonite, who believed Tess murdered the clone of his father.
917Smallville0884 9x17 Checkmate When Clark discovered that Tess was a member of Checkmate, he dangled her over the side of a building.
920Smallville1015 9x20 Sacrifice Chloe had to kill Tess to disarm the GPS tracker that Checkmate had implanted into her. Chloe then revived her once the tracker was disarmed.
X21hostagehdmkv 001555178 9x21 Hostage Tess was kidnapped and held hostage by Maxwell Lord, who tormented her with visions in order to forced her to reveal information about the Book of Rao. However, Tess was able to wake up and knocked Lord.
Salvation 0891 9x22 Salvation Tess was burned by Zod's heat vision and later died of her injuries at Metropolis General Hospital.
Lazarus 0720 10x01 Lazarus After Tess wakes up in Cadmus Labs fully recovered, she fights one of Lex's clones that nearly killed her and "Lex" handcuffed her in a room while setting Cadmus on fire then Clark rescued her.
1008Smallville1161 10x08 Abandoned Tess was about to be hanged by one of Granny Goodness' girls but Clark rescued her.
Sv10x10luthorhdmkv 001196862 10x10 Luthor Tess was threatened with death by Clark Luthor when he tried to recover the Mirror box and later risked her own life to protect the Watchtower from him.
Sv 10x11icarushdmkv 001915955 10x11 Icarus Tess and Emil Hamilton were about to be executed by an official of the VRA, but Clark rescued them before anything happens.
Smallvilles10e13720phdtvx264immersemkv 001810766 10x13 Beacon Clark and Tess were surprised by Alexander Luthor, who threatened them with a gun until they were able to reason with him and Tess was able take the weapon from him.
Sv10x17 000682 10x17 Kent When Tess betrayed Clark Luthor by changing a tracker location, he grabbed her by the throat and shoved her through a window, dangling her over the edge. Just as he was about to drop her, Clark sped in and saved her.
S10e19-nd12 10x19 Dominion When Lois discovered Tess' plan to destroy the Phantom Zone gateway while Clark and Oliver were still trapped inside, she pulled a gun on Tess, forcing to Tess to abandon the plan.
1021Smallville1007 10x21 Finale, Part 1 Tess was ambushed and kidnaped by several armed men while driving to Smallville to warn Clark about the arrival of Apokolips.
Tessdeathfinale 10x22 Finale, Part 2 Tess is stabbed by Lex. She dies in his arms after infecting him with a neurotoxin which takes away his memories of Smallville and Clark's secret.


  • Tess' life has been at risk 27 times since her introduction to the show in Season Eight until her apparent death in the series finale.
  • Clark Kent has been willing to kill Tess on three different times in the course of the series.[1] This makes her the only female character, and one of the few characters, which Clark has tried to kill due to anger.
  • Tess has died and came back four times. Three times in Season Nine and once in the series finale and Season 11.
  • Like Chloe Sullivan, Tess is the only female lead to die and be resurrected. In Tess' case, the first time was the next morning by Granny Goodness. The second was in Season 11, where her conscience survives inside of Lex's mind, before being extracted and resurrected in a cybernetic form.
  • Season 9 is the only season that Tess has the most near-death experiences with a total of 10.

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  1. Kandor, Persuasion, Checkmate
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