Oliver Stranded

The Island refers to the place where Oliver Queen spent his time stranded. The island is located in the south pacific presumably between fiji and thailand. In Toxic (S8E3) after collapsing at a charity event, Oliver begins to have flashbacks to his time on the island and getting involved with the drug runner that kidnapped Tess.

Oliver's Fever Dream

After slipping into his fever dream, Oliver awakens, finding himself stranded on a deserted island. He tries foraging for food, with no avail. After creating a makeshift bow and arrow, he starts to hone his skills. Eventually, he hears other people arrive on the island and investigates, but not before passing out after pricking his finger on a flowering plant.


After waking up, finding leeches on his body, a woman is tending to Oliver's injuries. Eventually she introduces herself and her friend Megan, who is tied up in the corner, and tells Oliver what's going on. One of the kidnappers (Marcos) approaches Oliver, immediately recognizing him, and plans to use him as a ransom. Immediately following, Marcos kills Megan and almost shoots Tess too, but Oliver jumps in front of her; Marcos smiles, and decides not to kill Tess.

Capture 2

Oliver tries to console Tess, over Megans death, and tells her about his plan to change and not waste his life if he ever makes it off the island. Oliver and Tess begin to formulate a plan to escape Marcos and his men. Oliver hits Marcos with a poisoned fashioned dart from the berries on the island, and then telling him about the the leeches, if he can find them. Oliver and Tess take the boat and leave the island.

Oliver Queen Chronicles

In the Oliver Queen Chronicles, its viewed that the island that Oliver was stranded on also had the plane crash site of his parents. While looking at the site, Oliver finds a letter that his mother wrote him and he takes their wedding rings.

Other Island Appearances

In the TV show Arrow, the island that Oliver Queen is stranded on for five years is named Lian Yu, and is located in the North China Sea. During his time on the island, broken down by season, different operations are housed on the island:

  • Season 1: Edward Fryers' operation to topple the Chinese economy
  • Season 2: Anthony Ivo's operation to find the Mirakuru drug that the Japanese processed in WW2
  • Season 3: Baron Reiter's cover operation was an illegal drug ring, but his true intentions was to find mystical artifacts.

Also Oliver Queen returned to the island to escape his consciousness about some of the events that happened in Starling City.


  • Oliver Queen
  • Tess Mercer
  • Megan
  • Marcos


  • Due to the flashback scenes in Season 8's "Toxic", the events of Chronicles Four through Six have been rendered non-canon, though at least the first half of this story can still be looked at as a valid prequel to Oliver being stranded.

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