Tim Westcott
Family Father (deceased), Mother (unknown)
Occupation Student (Smallville High School)
Powers and
Ability to dissolve into sand
Played By Derek Hamilton
Status Incarcerated

Timothy "Tim" Westcott is a metahuman teenager who was obsessed with fixing the morals and values of Smallville, as he felt that Smallville lost those principles during the meteor shower. This philosophy was thought of by his father, a man who deemed that the meteor shower had brought chaos to the town, all of which drove Tim to try and eradicate everyone who committed "wrongdoings" around the town.

Powers and Abilities


Tim dissolves his body in sand.

  • Sand Mimicry: Tim has the ability to dissolve his body, including the clothing he is wearing, into sand. He can even disaggregate into a cloud of sand, and he can move in his sand form at will, allowing him to get through keyholes and other small apertures.
  • Super strength: He can also perform feats of superhuman strength, by transforming his body parts into sand fixtures. He was able to knock Clark Kent across a room with his strength.

Early life

Tim was a student at Smallville High School, who was interested in the perfection of Smallville. According to Tim's father, ever since the meteor shower, everything in Smallville went wrong. That it brought an evil to the town. After his father died, his obsession with perfection and morality had twisted his mind, even when he found out he can become "the sandman".

Season Four


Tim attacks Alicia.

He was responsible for attacking Lana Lang and Jason Teague, because they seemed to not care about his own perspectives on right and wrong. Lois Lane found out he was Lana and Jason's assailant. He also framed his fellow metahuman Alicia Baker. While looking for more evidence to incriminate Alicia, he killed her by hanging her from a noose.


Clark tries to kill Tim.

Lois told Clark about Tim, and when he found Alicia dead, Clark attacked Tim in a grief-stricken rage. He dissolved into a sand cloud and fought back until Clark was able to use his heat vision to heat the cloud and hurt Tim. He was forced to convert back into human form, where Clark easily overpowered and attempted to strangle him. Lois managed to calm Clark down and prevent him from killing Tim. His fate is left unknown, but it is presumed that he has been left to the authorities.


  • Tim Westcott seems to parallel the character Pariah from Crisis on Infinite Earths. Like Pariah, he "teleports" to where "evil" is and tries to stop it. Also, Tim tells Lois that the meteor show brought "evil" to Smallville. Similarly in Crisis (and a few earlier 1960s Green Lantern comics) it was revealed that an Oan observed the creation of the universe, which fractures the universe into a Multiverse (and created the Anti-Matter Universe), which brought a "wave of evil" that spreads throughout the cosmos. The title of the episode in which appears is Pariah.
  • According to the High School Yearbook, Tim was most likely to "Become mayor of Smallville".[1]


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