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Trent MacGowen
Occupation Unknown
Powers and
Able to morph into metal
Played By James Bell
Status Deceased

Trent MacGowen is a metahuman assasin with the ability to morph his body parts into metallic weapons. As a former Belle Reve patient, Trent wanted to be normal. Lionel Luthor promised he would help Trent, but he needed to be free, therefore, he sent Trent to murder Chloe Sullivan so she couldn't testify against him.

Physical Appearance


Powers and Abilities

  • Morphing: Trent had the ability to morph his limbs into liquid metal.
  • Super strength: Trent's metal morphing abilites includes considerable strength with them.
  • Invulnerability: Lana hit Trent over the head with a spade and it did not effect him.
  • Super Speed(possible): While never explicitly shown, Trent was able to escape from sight in the graveyard after being maced by Lana in the mere seconds that it took Lana to reach Lois. Also, Trent was able to enter the Penetentiary where Lionel Luthor was being held and the 'swooshing' sound typically heard when characters move at superhuman speeds was heard before he came on camera.


Like any metal that conducts with heat and electricity. Including Trent's metal morphing abilities, which causes him to explode into molten metal.

Season Four

At the graveyard, Trent caught Lois Lane digging up Chloe's grave, which contained an empty coffin, proving that Chloe was alive. He attacked Lois, morphing his arm into a sword. Lana Lang came to the rescue, spraying mace in Trent's eyes. After Lana and Lois looked away for a few seconds, Trent had disappeared from their sight. Later, Trent met with Lionel, revealing that he killed two security guards instead of killing Chloe.

Trent eventually made his way to the foundry, where Chloe was already bound. He tried choking her to death by morphing his hand into a metal claw. Clark Kent super-sped in, throwing Trent across the foundry. Once again, Trent morphed his arm into a sword, but he was unable to harm Clark. They battled it out until Lois sneaked up behind Trent and fired a large stun gun at him. Clark then used this opportunity to fry Trent with his heat vision, exploding him into a puddle of molten metal.


  • Trent MacGowen's powers and scenes draw heavily from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Trent can turn body parts into metal, just like the T-1000 terminator. In addition, Trent even turns his entire body into "liquid metal" so that a human passes through them, a scene drawn directly from Terminator 2. Finally, both the T-1000 and Trent have their final scene in a foundry and both meet their end in a vat of hot bubbling metal.
  • His powers bear a strong resemblance to Victor Stone, however, Trent is not a cyborg while Victor is.
  • Trent's ability is similar to one of Brainiac's abilities.

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