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Tri Psi Sorority.

Tri-Psi is a sorority at Metropolis University run by Buffy Sanders, a vampiric sorority sister.

Early history

In 1999, Buffy Sanders was trapped in a cave outside Smallville that was found to contain kryptonite-infected stalactites which mutated the bats living there. After being bitten by these bats, she developed super vampiric traits and became president of Tri-Psi, passing on her powers to the members of her sorority by biting them.

Season 5


Buffy Sanders and the Tri-Psi Sorority.

After Buffy became president, the Tri-Psi became the most exclusive sorority on campus, only recruiting one girl every year. Lana Lang was a sister of Tri-Psi until the sorority was shut down and she was cured by Clark's use of a kryptonite based cure developed by LuthorCorp.


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