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My name is Krys and come from Trinidad, which is in the Caribbean. I'm a teenager and, of course, a girl.

Smallville is my favorite Tv series. I watch it everyday, at least one episode. My favorite characters are Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan. My favorite seasons are season 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, some in season 8 and so far, all episodes in season 9.

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Favourite Episodes

Season 1

Episodes: Pilot, Metamorphosis, Hothead, Hourglass, Craving, Jitters, Hug, Stray, Reaper, Obscura, Tempest

Coolest Scenes:

Season 2

Episodes: Vortex, Duplicity, Nocturne, Redux, Lineage, Ryan, Skinwalker, Insurgence, Fever, Witness, Accelerate, Calling, Exodus

Coolest Scenes:

Season 3

Episodes: Exile, Phoenix, Extinction, Slumber, Perry, Relic, Whisper, Delete, Hereafter, Resurrection, Crisis, Truth, Memoria, Forsaken

Coolest Scenes:

Season 4

Episodes: Crusade, Gone, Devoted, Jinx, Spell, Scare, Recruit, Krypto, Sacred, Onyx, Spirit, Blank, Ageless, Forever, Commencement

Coolest Scenes:

Season 5

Episodes: Arrival, Mortal, Hidden, Lexmas, Reckoning, Tomb, Cyborg, Fragile, Mercy, Vessel

Coolest Scenes:

Season 6

Episodes: Zod, Sneeze, Wither, Reunion, Fallout, Subterranean, Hydro, Justice, Labyrinth, Crimson, Trespass, Freak, Promise, Combat, Progeny, Nemesis, Noir, Prototype, Phantom

Coolest Scenes:

Season 7

Episodes: Bizarro, Kara, Fierce, Cure, Action, Lara, Blue, Gemini, Siren, Hero, Traveler, Quest, Arctic

Coolest Scenes:

Season 8

Episodes: Odyssey, Plastique, Toxic, Committed, Prey, Identity, Bloodline, Bride, Legion, Bulletproof, Power, Requiem, Infamous, Turbulence, Hex, Eternal, Stiletto, Beast, Injustice, Doomsday

Coolest Scenes:

Season 9

Episodes: Savior, Metallo, Rabid, Echo, Roulette, Crossfire, Kandor, Idol, Pandora, Disciple, Absolute Justice, Warrior, Persuasion, Escape, Checkmate, Upgrade, Charade, Sacrifice, Hostage, Salvation

Coolest Scenes:

Season 10

Episodes: Shield, Homecoming

My Favourite Smallville Quotes

Season One

Lex: (sees Lana in the apron) Lana what happened? Did Nell put you out on the street?
Lana: I decided to join the work-force.
Lex: Good for you, I'm sure you'll be employee of the month in no time.
Lana: Right now, I hold the record for most dishes broken in a single day.
Lex: You better bring my cappuccino in a Styrofoam cup then. (grins at her)
- Lex Luthor and Lana Lang in Hothead.

Lex: (sips the drink)
Lana: (worried) How is it?
Lex: (wipes lip) It's perfect.
Lana: (relieved) Okay. (walks away)
Clark: Is that what you ordered?
Lex: (looks at the cup) Not even close.
- Clark Kent, Lex Luthor and Lana Lang in Hothead.

Jonathan: Hey, son. I'm sorry, we didn't mean for you to hear all that.
Clark: You don't have to protect me. Is it that bad?
Martha: Yeah, it's pretty bad and we might have to take out a bank loan.
Clark: Another one? The interest alone would put us up to like...
Martha: Clark, don't.
Clark: Maybe I can help.
Jonathan: You already have. Last season you saved us four part time hands.
Clark: I'm thinking bigger picture. You know, forget about this whole high school thing and try out for pro-sports team. I could make a ton of money in endorsements... Just trying to lighten up the mood.
Martha: As much as we'd love to see your face on a cereal box, we'd settle for you getting to school on time.
Clark: Right. (super speeds away, and then returns having forgotten the pop tart) Forgot. (looks at the calculations Martha is doing) That's $65,200...
Martha: Go!
Clark: ... and one.
- Clark Kent, Martha Kent and Jonathan Kent in Cool.

Season Two

Helen: I drop-kicked an orderly. I have a violent reaction to incompetence.
Helen Bryce to Lex Luthor in Dichotic.

Lionel: Love has a way of blinding even the sharpest minds. We don't look because we don't want to see. But once love has been stripped away, then we see the real person clearly. They're revealed to us with all their flaws, their foibles, and their secrets.
Lionel Luthor, Exodus.

Season Three

Morgan Edge: That's a hell of a scar. How'd you get it?
Clark: My dad's a real bastard.
- Clark Kent and Morgan Edge in Exile.

Chloe: He wasn't exactly the charming flannel king we all know and love. It was like he was a--
Lana: A different person.
Chloe: Yeah. I mean, let's face it, Lana. Clark has more issues than Rolling Stone.
- Chloe Sullivan and Lana Lang in Phoenix.

Season Four

Kal-El: I am Kal-El of Krypton. It is time to fulfill my destiny.
Clark Kent/Kal-El, Crusade.

Lois: If I had to describe my experience in this town in one word, it would be weird.
- Lois Lane to Clark Kent in Devoted.
Lois: Come on coz! Don't give one more second of thought to those vacant baby blues.
Lois Lane to Chloe Sullivan in Blank.

Lana: Oh great, possessed by an evil slut...
Lana Lang to Clark Kent, Spell.

Season Five

Lois: Oh and about that lap dance, if you decide to tell anybody about it, your Elmer Fudd nightlight will make a very public appearance.
- Lois Lane to Clark Kent, Exposed.

Clark: I hate costumes.
Clark Kent in Thirst.

Season Six

Raya: "He was determined to save us. I remember helping him build your ship. He was so careful, planning every detail, down to your baby blanket. I wish that he could see you now."
- Raya to Clark Kent in Fallout.

Lois: Ollie's a good kisser, don't get me wrong, but that Green Arrow, he could teach Ollie a thing or two.
- Lois Lane to Clark Kent, not knowing he's the one she kissed, Hydro.

Lois: Clark! Girl alert. You never know what I'll find in a grown man's clubhouse.
-Lois Lane to Clark Kent in Crimson.

Season Seven

Patricia:My father often reminded me that despite the power of the sun, it's always night on half the planet. For all the good you do, there will always be darkness.
Patricia Swann to Clark Kent in Traveler.

Chloe:If it means saving Clark, I'd climb Mount Everest.
Chloe Sullivan to Lana Lang in Traveler.

Clark: I'm Kal-El.
Dax-Ur: The House of El. You always were survivors.
Clark Kent to Dax-Ur, Persona.

Season Eight

Clark: Lois?
Lois: (with a British accent) Lois? Who's Lois? I'm Stiletto. I should get back to my cave.
Clark: (stops her from leaving) Lois, you could have a bag over your head and I'd still know it's you.
Lois: Go figure, I want the Red-Blue-Blur I get the exact opposite.
Clark: What do you think you're doing?
Lois: What are you doing? You're supposed to be feeding Shelby. Seriously, is there any woman in your life you haven't stood up?
- Lois Lane and Clark Kent in Stiletto.

Season Nine

Lois: (runs over and hugs him tightly) Clark Kent, you're back! I was beginning to think your family lived on some distant planet.
Clark: Must have really missed me.
Lois: (releases him) Uh, only because the guy who sat in your desk was a certifiable psychopath. Otherwise, I've been so busy, I didn't even notice you were gone.
Clark: Missed you, too, Lois.
- Clark Kent to Lois Lane in Metallo.

Oliver: (to Clark) Perhaps God has a sick sense of humor. Oh! I'm sorry! I shouldn't be taking your name in vain.
- Oliver Queen to Clark Kent in Rabid.

Clark: Do you get motion sickness?
Dr. Hamilton: Mm, not really. Why do you ask?
(Clark superspeeds off with Emil)
- Clark Kent to Emil Hamilton in Rabid.

Chloe: If you raced here to see me, it must mean the "I Love Lois" show was preempted this week.
Clark: Come on, you know I always speed over when you call. Although I may be responsible for your cousin vanishing from prime time.
Chloe: I was wondering why she skipped town without saying goodbye. What's up?
Clark: I, uh... I kissed her.
Chloe: Oh, yeah, that would definitely send her packing! I mean, no offense to you, Clark, it's just Lois' typical response to intimacy is usually to blow outta town.
Clark: I just don't know what happened, I went over to talk to her and the next thing I know, I couldn't stop myself.Chloe: Yeah, I'm not surprised, Clark. You've had feelings for Lois since, like, the 1930s.
- Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan in Kandor.

Oliver: You know, Clark, if you wanna bury me in the desert for going on that date with Lois... you could've at least taken me to Nevada.
Clark: Oliver, let's not...
Oliver': I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm still gonna put up a fight. But maybe we could've hit the Strip before the main event, you know what I mean? Maybe a little Blue Man Group... maybe a little Carrot Top. You know what I'm getting you next year for Christmas is a sense of humor.
- Clark Kent and Oliver Queen in Kandor.

Clark: What are you doing here? (hears Lois' thoughts)
Lois: Standing in the shadow of six and a half foot of handsome. No, Lois, he doesn't get off that easy. Kick his ass!
- Clark Kent and Lois Lane in Echo.

Clark: Lois, I died when you left.
- Clark Kent , to Lois Lane, Pandora.

Major Zod: Kneel before Zod.
Faora: Never
- Major Zod and Faora, Sacrifice.

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