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Girls kick ass!

Lois Lane and Clark Kent love

"I want you to know me completely with no secrets...because you're the one. You always will be."

Clark and Lois marriage1

Husband and wife


Lois Lane - Clark Kent's wife.

 "I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same." - Rachel Scott

The Basics

I LOVE Lost and Smallville, and I'm a huge Clois, Lollie, Clana, and Chlollie fan and 15 years-old; I love all the

Lois Lane and Clark Kent - destined soulmates...

Clois love scene1

"Lois, I died when you left."

seasons of Smallville (and every episode of Season 10,
Lois and Ollie

Lois Lane and Oliver Queen

especially the series finale), and the series is what
Clois pandora

"If only we had more time..."

made me a Superman fan in the first place. I've always taken a great liking in Clark and Lois' love story, and the series illustrated it with perfection! Surprisingly enough, the only Superman movie I've seen so far is Superman Returns. I loved the series finale, although I was
Clana rooftop

Clark Kent and Lana Lang - destined to be apart...

disappointed Clark and Lois' marriage wasn't confirmed, as they are married in almost every incarnation of Superman.
Smallville Finale Superman shirt rip

"Always hold on to Smallville!"

Favorite Episodes

Season 1: Pilot, Nicodemus, Tempest.

 Season 2: Skinwalker.

Season 3: Memoria.

Season 4: Spell, Sacred, Commencement.

Season 5: Reckoning, Vengeance, Vessel.

Season 6: Zod, Sneeze, Arrow, Hydro, Crimson, Justice, Promise, Phantom.

Season 7: Bizarro, Wrath, Siren, Arctic.

Season 8: Prey, Abyss, Bride, Legion, Power, Requiem, Beast, Injustice, Doomsday.

Season 9: Savior, Crossfire, Kandor, Pandora, Absolute Justice, Persuasion, Conspiracy, Escape, Charade, Hostage, Salvation.

Season 10: ALL EPISODES!

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