• Arnau Martin Saura

    I just saw Fortune and I realized... Chloe's farewell was the worst Smallville farewell ever!!! And the most... open, because it's completely unknown how is going to end. She has gone to Star City to help another heroes, then Oliver goes with her. But he must stay!! And that's the thing. How is Oliver coming another time back? I think, Oliver has no reason to leave Chloe, but he must stay for the rest of the season, then only we would have Clark, Lois and Tess. At this point, Smallville would be better only with Clark and Lois as main characters and Tess and Oliver as recurring ones. And, of course, I would want Chloe for the entire season, but the season would not be like the one we have now. Well, now return to the theme. When I knew Chl…

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