• AssassinsMorten

    Hi there everyone!

    My name is Morten, and I'm a huge fan of Smallville, and has been so since the end of the ninth season, when I caught up with the show. I followed the show through untill the end of the final season, and was very pleased with "Finale" with warts and all.

    Generally I like all parts of Smallville, but there are of course times when I go:

    "Nah, they should've left that out."

    And example of this is the


    introduction of Otis the Smallville Season 11 comic.


    However I'm here also to advertise a new project that I'm starting up. I'm going to be hosting a new online radio program on, called "Smallville Live Commentary" (title pending) where I, together with any callers and listeners wi…

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