Hi there everyone!

My name is Morten, and I'm a huge fan of Smallville, and has been so since the end of the ninth season, when I caught up with the show. I followed the show through untill the end of the final season, and was very pleased with "Finale" with warts and all.

Generally I like all parts of Smallville, but there are of course times when I go:

"Nah, they should've left that out."

And example of this is the


introduction of Otis the Smallville Season 11 comic.


However I'm here also to advertise a new project that I'm starting up. I'm going to be hosting a new online radio program on, called "Smallville Live Commentary" (title pending) where I, together with any callers and listeners will be providing commentary for EVERY episode of Smallville. The official premiere is on Tuesday, 22nd May, where I'll be commenting on the Smallville Pilot Episode as well as Metamorphosis, in what will hopefully be a double-episode grand opening for a show that will continue each week as long as there are episodes to review.

On Monday, 21st May there will be a half hour warm up program, where you can join in, and here more about what's going to happen on the show, and what course we'll take.

The show's page is here:

Oh, and did I mention, it's absolutely free to listen, and if you would like to call in from another country, you can create a free account on blogtalkradio and call using skype for free!

I'm hoping to meet you all there!

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