Tom Welling as Clark Kent/Superman

Erica Durance as Lois Lane

Laura Vandervoort as Kara Kent/Supergirl (recurring role)

Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor

Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow &nbsp

Aaron Ashmore as James Bartholomew Olsen (recurring until season 12)

Michael McKean as Perry White (recurring role until season 12

Lucas Grabeel as Conner Kent/Superboy (recurring role

Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent (recurring role)&nbsp

Episode 1 "Destiny": Clark has finally embraced the skies and has showed his face to the city. Lois is worried someone is going to find out who Clark really is if he keeps saving people and showing his face. Lex Luthor is still trying to regain his memories, and has a hard time trying at that. Clark and Lois try to come up with a better name for The Blur.

Clark flew through the sky, wearing his new colors. He enjoyed flying, and it was all he wanted to do. There was news that a bomb had gotten stuck in an elevator uptown, and this was an emergency. He started to fly faster, his time trail behind him. He swooped down, and landed on the roof of Queen Industries, the place where the bomb was. The roof collapsed when he landed. These landings are what I need to work on Clark thought. Clark then crashed through different floors, until he got control and flew to the elevator. He switched on superhearing and heard: beep...beep.......beep......beep..beep..beep.beepbeepbeep. Clark switched into overdrive mode. He rammed into the elevator door, and flew down into the elevator shaft. He was X-raying the whole place until he found the bomb. There it is.. Clark said out loud. Fire burst out of his eyes and the bomb diffused. He smiled, and flew out of the building. He took off into the sky, a crowd yelling "GO BLUR!!" down on the streets. He zoomed into the Daily Planet. He slipped on his suit and tie, and put on his glasses, and sat down at his desk next to Lois. "Hey Clarkie.." Lois said to Clark, smiling.

" Hey.." Clark replied, and walked up and gave Lois a kiss.

"Smallville, I've been thinking" Lois stated. "There has to be a better name than The Blur, I mean your showing your face, your no longer a blur in the paper"

"Great Idea... but what name do you have in mind?" Clark asked her.

"Something super" Lois told Clark. "I dont know Lois, Everybody knows me as The Blur, and I dont know if it's right to switch names on them" Clark said. "It would feel like I was two different people"

"Well what about Conner, since he is starting off, he can take your place. As The Blur" Lois suggested

"Thats a good idea, but I'm still on the side about this" Clark told her.

"Well theres no rush" Lois said, then smiled.

Clark took Lois' hand and they walked out of the Daily Planet.

Episode 2 "League": Oliver gets news that Chloe has died in a bombing. So Oliver and Clark investigate and find out that this was all the work of Toyman. Oliver wants revenge, but Clark tells him that he cant kill. Also, Lex finds out about Cadmus Labs, and discovers they had clones of him, which all got destroyed in a fire, exept one. He also discovers that one is alive. Meanwhile, Oliver goes to Gotham City to get help from a caped vigilante, the only hero he knows that will help him avenge Chloe's death.

Oliver rolled over in bed to put his arms around Chloe, but she wasnt there.

"Chloe?" Oliver yells as he gets out of bed "Where are you Chlo'?" He asks. No answer. Oliver searched the house for her and she was nowhere to be seen. Chloe was missing and he has to find her before its to late.

Chloe is nowhere to be seen. Oliver frantically rushed back into the bedroom, got his clothes on, and ran out of the house.

"Look Lois, I have to go. Im getting in my car, and my signal is bad" Chloe turns her cell phone off, slips it into her pocket, and gets in the car. She takes out her keys and puts them into the ignition. When she trys to start the car, she gets a deadly response. The engine blows up. Her car is rocketed into the air, and blown into pieces.

At that same moment, in an old rundown building in Metropolis.....

"They will fall apart at this news" A voice came from the dark.

There was silence. A big muscular, white haired man was sitting with others at a round table. One of them, with a snow jacket on broke the silence. "Master what do we do?"

"Wait until I say the time is right. We still have to wait to see how distracted they get from Watchtowers death." The voice said.

Clark walked into his and Lois' office at the Daily Planet. He was still startled at what Oliver had told him about Chloe. Why would she leave? This better had not be when she disappeared last year, he thought. He hasnt told Lois yet, and he still doesnt want to. Maybe things will be better left unsaid.

"Smallville, what are you doing?" Lois asked

"Um.. What is it Lois?"

"Your staring into space again. Whats wrong?"

"Oh, I just didnt sleep well last night, thats all."

"Clark Kent. You slept like a baby while I was up all night worried about how you would react" Lois told him.

"What are you talking about"

"We'll talk about it later" Lois told him.

"Whatever Lois" Clark said, as his phone started ringing. He went to reach it, but Lois beat him to it. It was Oliver.

"Clark. You need to get here now. I know what happened with Chloe, I'm at watchtower, and I've got the video right here."

Clark was listening in on what Oliver was saying with is superhearing, he had to get to watchtower. Lois on the other hand, hung up the phone, furious.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME CHLO....." She screamed, only to be interupted by Clark superspeeding away.

Oliver stood in front of the computer at watchtower, watching the video of Chloe's car blow up over and over again. He was almost in tears. Clark supersped in and came to a halt behind Oliver. Oliver turned around.

"Clark, she was..." He couldn't finish what he was saying. He just had to show Clark the video. "Here..."

Clark watched the video. He was using his micro-vision to see if there was anything Oliver couldn't. Just before the car blew up, there was something on the engine.

"Oliver, zoom in on the engine, right before the car blows up." Clark requested.

"Alright" Oliver said, as he pressed controls on the computer.

The picture was now like Clark had wanted. He now saw what he needed to.

"Oliver, there's a bomb on the engine, and theres a marking on it with MW"

"Marionette Ventures" Oliver said, starting to get really mad. "This must be the work of Toyman."

"Oliver, don't do anything that I wouldn't do"

"So Clark, your gonna let Toyman walk free, even though he killed my wife? Your FRIEND?"

"We can't kill anyone Oliver, and you know that" Clark looked at Oliver, then turned around. "I'm going to go see what I can do" Clark said, and supersped out of watchtower.

Oliver went back to the computer and turned on the video chat. There was a man in a bat suit on the chat.

"So I assume that you need help?"

"Yes, and your the only one that understands, you have to kill someone to get revenge, not just put them in jail"

"Alright. Meet me near Gotham Harbor in an hour." The man in the bat suit said, and disconnected the chat.

Lex Luthor walked into the remains of what was Cadmus Labs. He turned and faced a cylinder, it was the only one standing. He saw a ghost of him in his reflection in the glass, and it spoke to him.

" know what you have to do."

Lex opened his hand, and it showed a canister of blood, and a piece of hair.

"There's one more clone left. You have to find him."

Lex looked back at the glass, and his reflection changed back to normal. He knew what he had to do.


Episode 3 "Superman": Clark tells Lois think about new names for The Blur. Lex regains the memory of driving off the bridge and Clark, without glasses, saving him, so he thinks its Metropolis' own, The Blur. Oliver gets revenge on Toyman, and the caped Vigilante in Gotham, joins the team of heroes that Oliver has. Perry White arrives in town, and Clark and Lois meet up with him. Lois gets the story of her life, and this story could put her on her track to being a star reporter: "Superman Saves The Day" headline.At first, Perry thinks its a bit far, but after he seen Superman save a plane from hitting the Daily Planet globe, he thinks its a good story.

Clark sped into the house. He saw Lois in the living room and sat down next to her.

"Hey" Lois said

"Lois, your always here for me you know that" Clark said

"What do you mean?" Lois asked.

"Well I've been thinking of hero names. The Blur just seems to.."


"Yeah" Clark replied

"Ok, well I'll help, what ideas do you have in mind?"

"Something.....Super" Clark suggested.

Lois' phone went off. It was her friend from the Daily Planet.

"Hello" Lois said

"Lois, you wont believe it. Our new boss is here.. and you wont believe who it is."

The person hung up.

"That was rude" Lois said firmly.

"What is it?" Clark asked.

"Look, we can come up with names later, right now, our new boss is in town" Lois told Clark, then grabbed her purse and walked outside to her car.

Clark got up and followed Lois, He had to find out who his new boss was. It could be Lex, it could be anybody.

Lex walked into the remains of the mansion, and looked around. Suddenly, a man with a black suit on, and dark glasses walked in.

"Sir, your limo is waiting" The guy said

"One minute" Lex said

"Sir you have to go now, this is urgent, theres a Luthorcorp meeting we can't miss" the guy replied.

"Ok, fine, but I'm coming back here" Lex demanded.

The limo drove the streets of Smallville, and Lex was looking out the window. They were coming close to a bridge, a familiar bridge in Lex's eyes. It was the Loeb Bridge.

Lex told the driver to pull over and stop before they came to the bridge. Lex got out of the limo, and ran down the the river. He was standing on a few rocks and he looked at the bridge, the part that had been replaced. Memories flooded his brain, he was overcome with heat, and he could barely stand. All the sudden, Lex collapsed, and his driver ran towards him.

"Lex" He shook Lex's shoulder, but he got no response. The driver took out his phone and called 911.

Lex was experiencing memories from the past. He remembered two specific ones.

He was driving on the bridge, getting off of his phone, and something was in the middle of the road. He dodged it, and swerved, and instead of hitting that, he hit a young boy. The car crashed through the wall of the bridge, and it flew through the sky, and into the river. When he woke up, the boy was there. The boy had saved him.

Then he saw another memory, it was of the same boy, but he was 6 years older. Lex was in an ice castle with him. They were talking, but Lex couldnt figure out what. Lex had an orb and he used it somehow, and the castle came crashing down. The man supersped out.

Lex awoke, laying in a hospital bed with doctors around him. "Whats going on?" He asked

"Take it easy Mr. Luthor, you just blacked out." The doctor told him

"Well I need to get out of here, I need to find The Blur." Lex said

"Nows no time.."

Lex unhooked everything that was sticking to him,got up, grabbed his clothes and ran out of the hospital.

The doctor stood speachless.

Oliver stood on the banks of Gotham Harbor, he saw the man, and there was a cape blowing in the wind behind him. Why does every superhero have capes now? Oliver thought. He walked over to the man in the bat suit, and shook his hand.

Clark and Lois were in the Daily Planet, walking into the new editors office. They opened the door, saw the man. Clark looked up, pushed his glasses up and noticed who the guy was. Perry White. Lois looked at Clark in confusion. Clark looked at Lois and shrugged.

"Kent, glad to see you again, and whats up with those glasses?" Perry asked.

"Im a bit near sighted" Clark told him, which was a lie.

"So your our new editor?" Lois asked.

"Yes. Why do you ask?" Perry asked her.

"I have a story for you. 'Superman Saves the day' " Lois told him.

"Dont you think thats a litte far off for the Blur" Perry told her.

"Oh God.. Perry theres a newsplane coming straight for the Planets globe." Lois said, then ran out of his office, and up the stairs.

Perry turned around, and looked out of his office window. He saw the plane and it wasnt stopping. The impact would cause the whole Daily Planet, and his office to be destroyed. "Quick" He yelled "Get somebody with a camera NOW!"

Clark flew towards the globe, flying as fast as he can go. He knew Lois and Perry was in there. Oh God.. he thought. He flew towards the plane, grabbed it by the bottom, and changed its course. People down on the ground were giving him praise. He flew the plane to the airport, then sped off to the Daily Planet.

"GREAT CEASERS GHOST!" Perry yelled. "The story of a liftetime, right here at the Daily Planet, everybody start printing"

Lois, and Clark walked in, and Clark bumped into the door.

"So how about my story now?" Lois asked.

"It sounds great Lois, and the Blur is definately a Superman." Perry exclaimed "Now Lois, and Clark I want you two to get an interview from this guy. Ask him stuff, question him. We have the story of the century on our hands."

Lois looked at Clark, and the walked out of Perry's office, and into the elevator.

Lex was furious when he saw what happened from his office. The Blur saved the day once again. He looked into a mirror, and the ghost of him was back.

"Get the clone, and you will have everything you need"

The ghost disappeared.

Tommorow, Lex was going to get the clone.

Clark walked into his house from the barn , and saw the TV was on, and Lois was watching. He looked at it, and it was the evening news.

"Clark, Winslow Schott is dead"

Clark was zoomed out of what she was saying, he was looking at the TV newsperson.

"Today, Winslow Schott died in a tragic bombing in his own apartment. Nobody has yet found the source of the bomb and who did it.And only one thing survived the explosion, a puppet doll." The newsperson said.

Clark looked at Lois. He knew who did this. Oliver couldn't be trusted. He has taken two lives. He attempted Lex's, and now Winslow. Clark was furious. He knew what had to be done. And he had to get to the team.

Episode 4 "Superdog": Clark finds a ship in the barn, and opens it. Inside is a white dog, his dog from Krypton. Krypto. Clark thinks that he would be a good sidekick, and starts training the dog. Also: Lex finds Conner.

Clark flew the skies of Smallville, swooping down and cutting even with the grass. He heard something. He landed, and looked around and saw something fall out of the sky, and land on the ground about 50 feet away from him.. He zoomed in with his micro-vision, and it looked like a meteor, engulfed in flames. He sped to it, and looked. It was a ship, and it had Kryptonian symbols on it. Clark put his hand on the ship, and it opened, and a white haired animal jumped out and floated into the air. He grabbed the animal, and realized that it was a dog. He looked inside the ship and found a picture. It showed a Kryptonian child, with this dog, but younger. He flipped the picture over, to show writing. It said: Kal- El and Krypto. Clark stood there with the dog in his arms in amazement. He remembered now. He remembered that he had a dog on Krypton. Krypto. Clark pet the dog, then put him on the ground. As he looked around in the ship, he found something else, it was a gold collar with the House of El symbol on it. Clark picked up the dog and flew to the Kent Farm.

When he got to the Kent Farm, he walked into the barn with Krypto. Lois was at work, so this was a good time to train him. Clark ordered the dog to bark, and the dog did so, causing everything to fly backwards about 20 feet. That was pretty much the only thing he could get Krypto to do besides superspeed when he sped, and fly when he flew. Clark had enough on his hands already. He needed somebody else to take care of this dog and he knew who. Conner. He picked up his cell phone and called his mom.

Clark was waiting on Clark and Martha at the Kent farm. He missed this place. It had been over 2 months since he and Lois moved into their apartment. The memories flooded his head. He saw the car drive up into the driveway, and Conner and Martha got out. Clark's mom walked into the house and unpacked. He knew Clark had something to give Conner by theyre phone call earlier. Conner walked into the barn with Clark.

"Conner" Clark began "Theres something I have to give you"

"What is it?" Conner asked with curiousity.

Clark supersped to the loft, grabbed Krypto, and came back to Conner.

"A dog?" Conner asked

"Yeah, it will help you keep up with your responsibilities and your duties as a hero." Clark said

"Ok cool" Conner told him

"But this isnt any ordinary dog" Clark started to say.

Clark then told Conner about Krypto. When he was finished Conner stood in awe.

"My own Superdog?" Conner asked

"Well.. I guess.. but before you take him on duty with you, make sure that you train him" Clark warned

"AWESOME!! I cant believe I have my own dog.

Clark heard a siren. He hated leaving so soon.

"Sorry Conner, but theres an emergency in Metropolis that I have to go fix, Im sure youll be a good owner for Krypto" Clark said, smiling, then supersped away.

Episode 5 "Lantern" Clark and Lois go on a story to find out what this "Green Lantern" flying around and stealing Superman's spotlight. So Clark suits up, and takes flight to find this Emerald Knight, and find out who he really is. Meanwhile, Lex finds Conner, and Conner's Luthor side starts to come out. This leads to Lois having to talk to Conner, while Clark is off finding the new hero. Clark finds out that this Green Lantern, as the public is calling him is no more than a pilot, with an alien ring.

Clark sped into the Daily Planet building with his brown trenchcoat, buttoned up shirt, and tie on. He pushed his glasses up and walked to his desk.

Lois walked to Clark and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He was three hours late to work, and she already had two stories to cover in one day. She grabbed his hand and walked into the broom closet, because she needed to talk.

"Clark look, they printed this" Lois said, putting a paper in his hands.

Clark looked at it and saw a green blur in the sky. "What is this Lois?" He asked, reading the headline which said: "WHO IS THIS MYSTERIOUS GREEN LANTERN?" . He looked at another picture somebody took and he was projecting a racecar track that had an helicopter on it, saving people.

"Clark, he's stealing your glory. You havent had alot of saves in a while and your hero reputation is really starting to go down." Lois told him.

"I know Lois but I cant save somebody if theres nobody to be saving" He said

"Clark, everybody needs saving. And you know that, whats gotten into you?"

"I guess its Chloe's death. We were friends since we were kids Lois, and she has helped me with alot of hero stuff." He told her

"Well I think its time for Superman to show his face again. Its been weeks since you did that." Lois said.

Lex walked into Cadmus Labs, still confused of his memory. He was looking at pieces of glass on the floor and the burnt remains of it. A man walked up to him.

"Mr. Luthor, we've found the clone. He's at the Kent Farm" The man said.

"Well what are we waiting for?" Lex asked, with a grin showing up on his face.

Conner was sitting in the loft reading a Warrior Angel comic. How could it be so fake, but be so real at the same time?

"Warrior Angel isnt really a superhero you do know that right kid?" Lex said, as he stepped the last step of the stairs.

"Who are you?" Conner asked as he got up.

"Im Lex....Lex Luthor" Lex said.

"Oh no...What do you want?" Conner said. He walked towards Lex to leave the loft but Lex blocked him in. He couldnt use his powers without revealing himself and he didnt know what to do.

"Im here for you..." Lex said

"Why me?" Conner asked.

"Because, your the clone of the Blur, and me." Lex began.

"How did you find me?" Conner asked

"Tracking device. We put one in every clone in case they get misplaced." Lex told him.

"Well your not gonna win" Conner said firmly, clenching his fists.

"GUARDS" Lex shouted.

Lex's guards emerged from every corner of the barn. Some were even behind Conner.

"You think that will stop me?" Conner asked. He then superspeed, and hit every clone in the barn, knocking them down. He was at the doorway of the barn now. The guards lay on the ground unconcious. "Catch me if you can!" Conner yelled, then supersped away.

Lex stood in the barn with anger. Why did he let him get away. He turned and sat down on the couch, and saw a book laying on the table. He picked up the book and opened it. It was a picture of him and...The Blur? Lex's memories came to him and he thought about more and more. He was in the Fortress, standing with an orb in his hand. The Blur was behind him. Why was this? Lex asked himself. His memories were clearer than ever. He saw ice falling onto him and then nothing but darkness. Then he saw himself in a truck with a green ring on his finger. He had no clue what he was doing. His eyes opened, and he was sitting in his office at Luthorcorp. How did I get here? Lex sat up, and saw a note on the table. It read: Marionette Ventures, come Join us. It also gave the address to the building. Lex was even more confused.


Episode 6 "Sky High" Conner starts his first day at Smallville high, and there he meets and becomes friends with Clayton, and Zoe, the new writers for the Torch, and he also meets and falls in love with, another writer of the torch: Tana Moon. Clayton offers Conner a job, being that he's Clark's "brother". Conner accepts, but he looses hope when Clayton finds out that Cassie got kidnapped.

Episode 7 "Olsen" Perry hires Jimmy Olsen, a photographer, in hopes of getting better shots of Superman. Worried, Lois has a talk with Clark about his identity, and is sure people will be able to recognize him if he isnt careful, and now he cant take any chances by taking the glasses off. Meanwhile, Oliver searches and finds out that Chloe is alive, with superpowers.

Episode 8 "Saved" Superman saves the day once again. Tired of this hero taking his spotlight, Lex Luthor announces his run for presidency.

Episode 9 "Legionaire" Kara returns from the 31st Century with startling news. Lois and Clark finally plan out they're official wedding, and Clark learns that Kara has a boyfriend, and theres a war coming.

Episode 10 "Mongul Pt 1 Season Finale" A planet comes hurtling towards Earth, while Clark and Lois try something new.

Episode 11 "Mongul Pt 2 Season Finale" Mongul, a power hungry warlord, came from the planet that is coming into Earth's atmosphere. He wants fighters to fight in the fighting pit on his planet. Clark, Oliver, Bart, and Cyborg do what the alien tells them to when he captures them and puts them up against intergalactic and Earth bad boys, Lobo, The Dark Archer, Captain Cold, and Lex Luthor.

Stories coming soon!


Coming Soon!

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