The Adventures of Ultraman

  • Setting: Metropolis: Earth-2
  • Time: 2011
  • From Clark Luthor's point of view.
  • Note: This isnt based on Superman.

Tom Welling as Clark Luthor/Ultraman

Erica Durance as Lois Lane

Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan

Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer

Episode 1 "Vilgilante" Clark Luthor has been training and going through trials for the last 4 years. Jor-El finally tells him that he is ready to make a new, fresh impact on the world, but first he has to do one thing: Kill Lionel Luthor. Clark, not knowing this is another trials, goes around looking for Lionel. He finally figures out where he is: Earth- 1.

Episode 2 "Ultra" Clark takes back on his Ultraman persona, and goes around the city as a hooded hero. He finds Lois, and a magician who helps him wipe the memories of people that know about his weakness.

Episode 3 "Caped" Lois gives Clark a present, hoping that it will making him realize that his destiny is as a hero, not a villian. Another vigilante arrives in Metropolis under the name Dark Archer.

Episode 4 "Destined" Clark becomes friends with Vordigan. Zatanna and Clark realize they have feelings for each other. Vordigan, Oliver Queen's former mentor and a member of a Celtic cult of assasins, discovers that Lex is alive and is using people to get to Clark, and the person he's using is Chloe Sullivan.

Episode 5 "Hero" Clark superspeeds all over to search for Lex. He finds nothing, but does find he needs help. Lois gets feelings for Clark, but he did kill Oliver. Clark goes to the Fortress for help, in hopes Jor-El will do something. We discover that theres another vigilante watching Clark: Roy Raymond Jr aka Owlman.

Note: This series may come to an end because I cant figure out a plot for it.

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