Episode 1 "Cadmus" PT 1

Note: This is supposed to be read like a TV show script, thats how I write for another site I go to, so I copied and pasted this from there, all of my others on here won't be like this.

Conner: (floating in a chamber filled with liquid) (A breathing tubes is connected to his face)

Amanda Waller: When is he going to be ready?

Doctor: I dont know Waller, he still hasnt reached his full power level yet.

Amanda Waller: Well what are you waiting for? Do something.

Conner: (eyes flash open)

Doctor: (glances over to the chamber and sees Conners fist clench up) Umm.. Agent Waller...

Amanda Waller: What is it?

Conner: (his fist swings at the glass and the glass shatters, causing pieces of glass to fly everywhere)

Amanda Waller: Hell....

Conner: (lands in a crouching postition, and then stands up with his eyes glowing red)

Amanda Waller: Take it easy...

Conner: (looks at Waller) (eyes glow red)

Doctor: GET DOWN!!

Amanda Waller: (ducks)

Conner: (blast fire at the wall, and makes the House of El symbol ) (stands there for a second, then superspeeds off)

Superman made by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Amanda Waller: (gets up off of the floor) We have to find him..

Someone in the shadows: I understand that...

Amanda Waller: Well what are you waiting for, GO!

Someone in the shadows: (walks into the light) (the light shines on his chest and it shows a bat symbol) (grabs something out of his belt, throws it down on the ground)

(smoke appears everywhere) (the person disappears)

Amanda Waller: (turns around) (pics up a walkie talkie and talks into it) Are we ready?....

(a voice comes over the walkie talkie)

Voice: Checkmate has been rebooted.

Amanda Waller: (grins)

Conner: (flying over the city in all white, with a red S on his chest)

Green Lantern: GL to Justice League...

Conner: (turns around) (flys faster) (hits the sound barrier, loses Green Lantern)

Green Lantern: (looks down) Im right on his tail. It will be a matter of seconds before I have the escapee Batman.. (looks back up) Shit... I lost him..

Conner: (lands on the ground, breathing heavily) Uhh....Finally.... I lost him... (puts his hand on his chest) Feeling...weak.... (collapses on the ground)

Doctor: Waller, this isnt good, his vital signs have dropped dramatically since we last checked on him.

Amanda Waller: Well.. we have people after him... It will be a matter of minutes before they find him

Doctor: Hes dying.. the only thing left to do is pull the plug...

Amanda Waller: Hes our greatest weapon. We CANT just pull the plug, is there anything else we could do?

Doctor: Well... (looks up from the computer screen)

Conner: (wakes up, strapped to a chair, in a dark room) Ughh... Where am I? (looks up, and sees a blurry face) My vision.... I cant see....Who exactly are you...?

Guy: Thats for me to know... (puts kryptonite in his hand, then swings a punch)

Conner: OoOOFFffff!!!! (trys to get out of chair) AGGGHHhh!! (the chair electricutes him)

Guy: (punches him again, making the chair go backwards)

Conner: (flips backwards in the chair, and it emmits another shock)

Guy: (starts laughing) (picks up the chair, along with Conner)

Conner: Please.. Ive had enough..

Guy: Really? I dont think so (swings again)

Conner: (his face getting all bloody)

Guy: (unstraps the chair) Here....

Conner: Why the hell did you beat the crap out of me, then let me go (struggles to get up)

Guy: (throws the Kryptonite across the room) It was a test.... to see what you were made of..

Conner: A TEST? (eyes fill with fire)

Guy: Yes a test...just calm down, Im here to help after all...Now..(extends hand)

Conner: (shakes the guy's hand)

Guy: Welcome to the suicide squad.... Come on.. Lets go get a pizza, my treat (turns around)

Conner: Wait, now that I know your here to help me... can you help me figure out who I am?

Rick: Your, The Boy of Steel.. everybody wants you because your the clone...

Conner: (cuts in) Of who? (ticked off look on his face)

Rick: Superman of course.... The Man of Steel, hes supposed to replace you... in case you...die... (snickers) (grin on his face) Now, are we gonna get that pizza or not...

Conner: Well... yeah... lets go...

(they walk out of the dark room)

Batman: (walks into the Hall Of Justice) (turns on video chat) Superman, Project Cadmus is nowhere to be found

Superman: Got that Bruce, I'll keep my guard up for anything unusual.

Batman: Oh and Clark, be careful... who knows what this BOY has up his sleeve..

Superman: Gotcha

Batman: (turns off the video chat) (turns around to see a teenager standing behind him) Your not supposed to be here right now...

Teenager: I know... Bruce....

Batman: If you want to help, you might need this... (tosses a batarang, and a mask towards the teenager)

Teenager: (catches the mask and batarang) Now, how did you know I wanted to help?

Episode 2 "Cadmus" PT 2


Conner: (walks up to a bar stool and sits down)

Rick: (sits down next to Conner)

Waitress: (walks up to the counter) May I help yall?

Rick: Yes, I'll have the usual. Pizza and a Mountain Doo

Conner: Umm.. I'll have a burger and a Dr. Fizz

Waitress: Alright, I'll be right on it. (turns around, and walks into the kitchen)

Rick: So Conner, what all do you remember

Conner: Not much really just what you told me

Rick: Oh...

Conner: Yea--

(a window breaks)

Conner: (turns around) What the...

Teenager: (looking down) (wipes the glass from his shoulder)

Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Waitress: (walks out of the kitchen, holding two plates in her hand) WHY ARE YOU BREAKING MY WINDOWS SIR?

Teenager: *looks up* (it shows a black mask) *he raises his hand up* (it shows a batarang in his hand)

Rick: (looks at the teen) It cant be... The Boy Wonder returns...

Teenager: Im not called that anymore... (throws a batarang between Rick and Conner) Im.. Nightwing..

(the batarang flys through the air, then hits the table and gets stuck there)

Conner: You missed.....

Nightwing: Yeah I know...

(the batarang starts beeping)

Waitress: (stares) Uh oh this cant be good... (turns around and runs into the kitchen)

Rick: Its going to explode...

Conner: (jumps up from the stool) (grabs Rick)

Rick: What the heck are you doing kid?

Conner: Trust me.. (tosses Rick onto his shoulder, and superspeeds out of the door)

Nightwing: (walks into the Hall of Justice)

Batman: (staring at a computer) You failed once again... your better as my sidekick, Robin....

Nightwing: Come on Bruce..I know what Im doing... I just missed the chance..

Batman: (takes his mask off) (turns around and looks at Nightwing) Listen Richard, I dont want you getting hurt. This clone can do anything Superman can do.. maybe better.

Nightwing: I can handle it.

Batman: You better can... (puts his mask on) Now... I think you were just leaving

Nightwing: (turns around and is about to walk out of the door) Listen.. If I need help... I'll call you first. Alright?

Batman: (smiles) Yeah.. good.

Conner: (superspeeds to the Suicide Building) (drops Rick)

Rick: Thanks Conner... or should I say Superboy...since you saved me...

Conner: It was nothing.....and do not call me that again...

Rick: Now.. since we know the League is right on our tails... we're gonna need back up, I will go get the back up... and you... take care of Batmans sidekick.

Conner: What do you mean by back up...

Rick: (walks into a jail) Bette...

Bette: (walks to the cell door) What do you...oh its you...

Rick: Babe, we're letting you out.

Bette: Nice.. (smiles)

Rick: (puts a key into the cell door and lets Bette out) Go do yourthing sweetheart

Bette: (eyes fill with fire) (walks out of the jail)

Rick: Now to get to Warp..

Warp: (appears next to Rick) You need me?

Rick: Haha... always loved the all seeing, and teleportation acts

Warp: (snickers)

Rick: Now lets go take care of the League...

EPISODE 3 "Cloned"

Nightwing: (jumping from rooftop to rooftop) *breathing hard* (lands with a thud on a rooftop and stops) I... cant let him.. catch up to m--

Conner: (superspeeds in front of Nightwing) (wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, so his face isnt being seen) You shouldnt have stopped...

Nightwing: (reaches down to his utility belt)

Conner: I dont think so... (grabs Nightwing's hand, and throws him over his shoulder, and over the building)

Nightwing: (sliding off of the building, and his hand grabs the edge)

Conner: (eyes begin to glow bright red) Your not going to live.. so there really isnt any use in trying

Nightwing: (struggles to get back onto the rooftop)

Conner: (kicks Nightwing backwards)

Nightwing: (falls back onto the side of the building, hanging on with all his strength) Listen... I know who you are.. and Rick, well hes lying to you..

Conner: I dont believe you

Nightwing: (jumps back up onto the rooftop) Listen, I dont want to do this, but there seems to be no other choice...(reaches into his belt, grabs a grenade and throws it at Conner)

Conner: (fire starts to pour from his eyes)

(the grenade lands on the ground in front of Conner's feet)

Conner: Haha... (shoots a blast of fire at Nightwing, and makes a House of El symbol on his chest)

Superman Created by: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Man: (hits Conner in the back of the head with a chunk of Kryptonite)

Conner: (hits the ground with a thud)

Nightwing: AGGhh!!! (looks down and sees smoke coming from his chest)

Nightwing: (wakes up in a hospital bed) What the... (looks down and sees a bandage wrapped around his chest)

Hm.. (begins to peel it off) It cant be.. (walks over to a mirror) Its back to normal...

Conner: (walks up behind Nightwing)

Nightwing: (sees Conner's reflection in the mirror) What the hell are you doing here?

Conner: I could ask you the same thing, I woke up here...

Nightwing: Same here.. but where are we?

Conner: Cadmus Labs..

Bette: (hand fills with fire) (throws the fireball at a car)

Woman: (screams, and takes off running)

Rick: (pulls out his pistols and starts shooting them at people)

Warp: Where the hell is cowboy?

Rick: Heck if I know.... and look-ee there... Theres our targets

Superman: (lands on the ground)

Flash: (runs up next to Superman)

Superman: The Suicide Squad.. should have known you guys would want the clone, but the question is.. where is he?

Rick: That will be an answer we all find out soon enough..

Nightwing: Where?

Conner: This is where they were keeping me

Nightwing: Oh.... Well th---Oh no..

Conner: What?

Nightwing: Look.. (points behind Conner at chambers with bodies in them

Conner: Holy sh...

Nightwing: What are they? (walks up to one of the chambers and reads: LX-3)

Conner: LX-3?

Nightwing: I have no clue..

Man: Your not supposed to be here..

Conner: (turns around) Well.. then.. your not either.. (clenches his fists, runs up and swings)

Man: (spinning backwards in a circle, then collapses on the ground)

Nightwing: Nice...

Conner: Lets get out of here...

Nightwing: Im with you on that one..

(they walk out of the lab)

Flash: (running around Bette) So Plastique.. you losing your firey touch?

Bette: ACkk.. Cant.. breathe.. (holding her neck, and falls to the ground)

Superman: (throws Warp to the ground) (walking towards Rick) Its your time now...

Conner: (superspeeds, jumps and tackles Superman)

Superman: (falls onto the ground) What the?

Conner: (punches Superman in his jaw)

Superman: Ow.. (kicks Conner off of him)

Deadshot: (walks up next to Rick)

Rick: Finally, there you are.. can you take care of Superman?

Deadshot: Sure can.. (one of his eyes turns red) (pulls out a rifle, aims and pulls the trigger)

Superman: (gets hit in the shoulder) AHH!!! (looks at his shoulder and theres something green glowing in it) No.... (collapses on the ground)

Conner: (helps Bette up)

Bette: Thanks Conner...

Rick: Come on guys.. We still have alot to do..

Lex: (sitting at his desk) Nobody finds out about my clones.. you got that?

Man: Yes Mr. Luthor

Lex: And oh yeah.. do something about the Justice League..

Man: Yes Mr. Luthor.

EPISODE 4 "Lex's Plan"

Cyborg: Computers online

Nightwing: Good, now to research where the rest of the Titans are...

Cyborg: That should be easy... (types something in) (hits enter) Good I've found Beast boy.. but hes at a...

Nightwing: (looks at the screen) A circus...

Cyborg: Yeah.. Now for Wondergirl.. she should be around here, she never stays gone this long from the Tower unless...

Nightwing: Unless what?

Cyborg: Tim... I hate to say this but unless she meets a boy.

Superman Created by: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Conner: (superspeeds into a barn, holding Cassie in his arms) (stops and puts her down)

Cassie: You know, with you I feel connected

Conner: (smiles) Same here..

Cassie: Well..(wraps her arms around him) you wanna..?

Conner: Um.. Uh.. (his face gets closer to hers)

Cassie: (her lips touches his)

(they kiss)

Farmer: (walks into the barn) HEY WHAT ARE YOU KIDS DOING IN MY BARN?

(they stop kissing)

Conner: (looks at the Farmer) Who are you?

Farmer: Thats none of your business kid (walks over to the wall, grabs a shotgun, loads it and shoots it at Conner)

Conner: Im not scared... (bullets reflect off of him)

Farmer: Oh hell no not one of these freaks...(drops the shotgun and runs out of the barn)

Cassie: (looks at Conner) Did you really have to do that?

Conner: Yeah now lets go.

(they turn around and are walking out the doorway)

Rick: (walks in front of them) I believe one of you is property of Lex Luthor (glares at Conner)

Conner: Not this again... (jumps at Rick)

Rick: (takes out a Kryptonite dagger and stabs it into Conner)

Conner: (lands backwards on the ground with a thud)

Cassie: NO!! (runs towards Rick)

Rick: Im sorry girlie... but I have business to do.. (picks up Conner, and takes out something that looks like an iPod)

Cassie: What are you doing?

Rick: Getting money.. (hits a button on the phone and him and Conner teleport out of the barn)

Cassie: No.. (tears rolling down her face)

Lex: (sitting in his desk looking out a window)

Rick: (walks in)

Lex: (turns around) So do you have him?

Rick: Yes Mr. Luthor (drops Conner on the ground)

Lex: (walks over to Conner) So you used a Kryptonite dagger?

Rick: Yeah what about it?

Lex: Good job.. (takes the dagger out of Conner) Now put him in that room (points to a cell looking room)

Rick: Yes Mr. Luthor (picks up Conner, takes him to the cell, drops him, walks out of the cell and closes the door)

Cassie: (flys into Titans Tower)

Cyborg: Cassie your back..

Cassie: Yeah.. (tears still on her face)

Nightwing: (walks up) Whats wrong?

Cassie: Conner.... hes gone..

Nightwing: You were...

Cassie: What? Hes cute.. and him...

Nightwing: Oh.. Well listen Cassie, we need to know who took him

Cassie: Rick Flagg...

Nightwing: Great..

Cyborg: Guys.. good news.. Aqualad is on his way

Nightwing: Good, because right now we need all the help we can get against Lex Luthor.


EPISODE 5 "Together"

Conner: (wakes up) Uhh.... (looks around) What the..... (gets up and walks to a cell door) Hello?

Lex: I see youve finally awoken

Conner: Lex Luthor...

Lex: Yes Conner me

Rick: And dont forget me

Conner: Errg.. (gets up and runs at the cell door)

Lex: I wouldn....

Conner: (runs into the cell door and collapses when he hits it)

Lex: Like I said, I wouldnt do that if I were you, those bars are lined with Kryptonite

Conner: I will get out.. and when I do..

Lex: What? You'll kill me? Hhahahaha!!

Superman Created by: Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Based on the DC Comics Characters

Nightwing: Cassie are you sure this is it?

Cassie: Im sure..

Nightwing: Because if we... holy shit..

(they walk into a lab filled with clones)

Cassie: So this is where he.. came from

Nightwing: Carefull Cass, no telling what these things could do

Cassie: Oh my god..

Nightwing: What is it?

Cassie: Look at this one

Nightwing: (walks over to a test tube) Wow.. this one must be the king of the hill

Cassie: Or the weapon of the century, look at the nameplate.

Nightwing: (reads the nameplate) Doomsday...?

Cassie: The others all have LX then numbers, Conner is LX-15

Nightwing: Thats strange

Cassie: lets get out of here, all these clones are giving me the creeps

Nightwing: Cassie, did you hear that?

Cassie: Hear what?

Nightwing: Somebody talking, it sounds like..

Cassie: (turns around) Lex Luthor..

Nightwing: How did you kno.....

Lex: Guest I see...

Nightwing: Lex Luthor.. no surprise seeing you in your cloning facility

Lex: Get them

Nightwing: What did you..

Shadow: (runs up and tackles Nightwing) (punches him in his face)

Nightwing: AGGhh!!

Shadow: (eyes glow red and shoots fire at Nightwing)

Nightwing: AHHHHHHHH!!!

Shadow: (gets up, and sees Cassie) Why hello there...

Nightwing: (passes out)

Shadow: (walks towards Cassie)

Cassie: (takes out a rope) (throws it at the shadow and lassos it)

Shadow: Let GO! (tears through the rope)

Cassie: What the..

Shadow: (walks to Cassie) Your cute you know that? Too bad I have to end this now...

Cassie: What are you talking about?

Shadow: (steps into the light)

Cassie: Conner..

Conner: Im sorry Cass, but I had to do this to trick Lex... thats the only way I could get out

Cassie: But burn Rick?

Conner: Sorry..

Cassie: Its alright, now lets go before Lex comes back

Conner: Yeah

Nightwing: (sitting in a chair, bandaged up)

Conner: So your asking me if I want to join the Teen Titans?

Nightwing: We're not teens anymore but yeah.

Cyborg: Yep

Cassie: (smiles)

Conner: Well the answer is... yes

Cassie: YES!! (jumps into Conners lap)

Lex: I cant believe the Boy of Steel escaped me.. (walks into Cadmus Labs) (walks to a chamber, looks and sees that the doors are torn apart) What?? (picks up a nameplate that reads Doomsday) Oh hell.

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