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    Hey guys!! So I got Smallville (The Complete Series) for Christmas, and I FINALLY finished it at the beginning of this month. It is one of the best TV series I've ever seen, and I'm sad it's over :/. Anyways, I thought the series was really strong up until Season 9-10, and ever since I finished Season 10, I haven't stopped thinking about what I wished would've happened. So here we go...

    I love them and they were the best part of the season, so this would stay mostly the same. However, episodes like Harvest, Prophecy, and Isis that focused on them in weird positions were not very good IMO, and could've been used for better storylines (mentioned below). Also, I think they should've gotten married in the end, because showing that they have bee…

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  • BenMeOver

    Hey guys! So I'm kinda new here, but still love the show same as everyone else. Anyways, I've been thinking about how cool it would've been if Warner Bros had approved of Batman and Wonder Woman appearing in the show's final season, just because Smallville is amazing and deserves to show off all of DC's iconic characters. The two could've been recruited by Chloe to help out in Metropolis and join The League, and the whole Wayne Enterprises-Queen Industries-LuthorCorp rivalry would be interesting. These two could open up a lot of new storylines and even help fight Apokolips in the finale. Also, I would rather see Chloe (who would have a bigger, 22-episode role) get to know Bruce and end up marrying him, and Ollie could just be with Dinah.


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