Hey guys! So I'm kinda new here, but still love the show same as everyone else. Anyways, I've been thinking about how cool it would've been if Warner Bros had approved of Batman and Wonder Woman appearing in the show's final season, just because Smallville is amazing and deserves to show off all of DC's iconic characters. The two could've been recruited by Chloe to help out in Metropolis and join The League, and the whole Wayne Enterprises-Queen Industries-LuthorCorp rivalry would be interesting. These two could open up a lot of new storylines and even help fight Apokolips in the finale. Also, I would rather see Chloe (who would have a bigger, 22-episode role) get to know Bruce and end up marrying him, and Ollie could just be with Dinah.

However, these two would both need good actors to portray them. I see Bruce's age as being inbetween Clark/Chloe and Ollie/Lex, so his actor would have to be anywhere from 24 to 35-ish. He would have to bring a lot to the Batman role, yet make it a bit different from the Nolan Universe version. Also, the actor would probably have to be minorly unknown... so I was thinking DJ Cotrona or Corey Sevier (he guest-starred on Smallville before, but in a minor role). Both of these are not very good, though.

As for Wonder Woman/Diana, the actress would have to be beautiful, athletic, and relatively unknown as well. If they had put Wonder Woman on Smallville, there would be no need to make the horrible show they planned. So yeah.. maybe Adrianne Palicki to play her?

So- what do you guys think? Who would you pick to play these two, or would you rather have them not be on the show at all?

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