Hey guys!! So I got Smallville (The Complete Series) for Christmas, and I FINALLY finished it at the beginning of this month. It is one of the best TV series I've ever seen, and I'm sad it's over :/. Anyways, I thought the series was really strong up until Season 9-10, and ever since I finished Season 10, I haven't stopped thinking about what I wished would've happened. So here we go...

Clark/Lois's Storylines

I love them and they were the best part of the season, so this would stay mostly the same. However, episodes like Harvest, Prophecy, and Isis that focused on them in weird positions were not very good IMO, and could've been used for better storylines (mentioned below). Also, I think they should've gotten married in the end, because showing that they have been engaged for almost 7 years is just stupid to me.

Main Cast

I liked Clark and Lois being the two leads with Oliver and Tess having their 17-18 episode main roles. However, Chloe deserved to be in all 22 episodes, and have a MUCH bigger role. I actually think Chloe should have been in every episode of the series, because she is the character that is always there for Clark no matter what, whether that is a big or small role in each episode, but I won't dwell on that. Finally, I really really wish there had been 2 characters that are very important to the DCU and would've been great on Smallville to finish off the series and show that Superman and the JLA is finally (close to) the classic, comic versions. These 2 characters are Bruce Wayne/Batman and Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. I think Adrianne Palicki is a good choice to play Wonder Woman, and her Issue 600 look with a leather jacket/pants would be a good costume. Having Diana on the show would eliminate the need for a horrible, failed pilot like the one they had. Also, Sam Witwer would've made a good Batman. He is handsome, dark, and athletic, which Batman is. Also, he looks different enough from Christian Bale to stay away from the film version but still look like classic Batman. However, Adrianna was on in Season 3 and Sam was Davis Bloome in Season 8, so their previous parts would've needed different actors, which is fine because they both died/left anyway :/ So my credits would look like:

Tom Welling as Clark Kent- 22/22

Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan- 22/22

Erica Durance as Lois Lane- 22/22

Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen- 17/22

Cassidy Freeman as Tess Mercer- 17/22

Adrianne Palicki as Diana Prince- 16/22

Sam Witwer as Bruce Wayne- 16/22

Chloe, Bruce, and Diana

Okay. So honestly, Chloe in Seasons 9 and 10 was not a good character. I DO NOT like Chlollie at all, especially because Chloe's husband died in Season 8 then she just went right on to her "only true love" less than a year later. In Season 9, they could've had a hookup, but then it would've been very good acting and stuff if Chloe couldn't date Ollie because she still wasn't done thinking of Jimmy yet. Later, in Season 10, Bruce could help her get past mourning him and then she could fall for him, which would make a great couple- Chloe/Batman :D (also, I though Allison and Sam had good chemistry so it could work).

As for storylines, I like how Chloe disappeared to help Clark. However, this should've been her sensing some powerful darkness (Darkseid) coming and her trying to find more heroes, which is how she finds Diana (new to the man's world) and Bruce/Batman (an urban myth that she knows is real). The 3 would then work behind the scenes for the first half of the season, investigating Darkseid and the VRA. (so 2 main storylines- Clark, Lois, Tess, and Ollie in Metropolis and Chloe, Bruce, and Diana in Gotham). Then, in "Collateral," the episode would revolve around the 3 finally going to Metropolis, Bruce and Diana meeting the Justice League, and them taking down the VRA together. Showing Bruce's relationships with Chloe, Clark, and Oliver, as well as how Diana doesn't fit in with the rest of the world, would be very interesting and bring alot to the show.


Oh... the finale. So good, yet so.. disappointing :/. In my Season 10, I would have liked Lois and Clark to get hastily married in the farm- during the scene after Oliver's Omega disappears- by Emil (with an online license to wed), because Apokolips is invading, they don't know what's gonna happen, and their own wedding got interrupted. I would have wanted more action, with the wedding getting attacked by Darkseid's army after the Gold K didn't work, so Bruce and Diana would have to fight them off. Yay for emergency Batarangs! The more action could've also been an excuse to show all of the Justice League fighting off aliens around the world, which we never saw throughout the series. Also, the finale would have shown Tom wearing the suit, without CGI.

The 2017 sequence would show Chloe and Bruce saying goodnight to Damian, their son, who then tells them to call him "Robin." From there, they call Ollie, who is with the rest of the Justice League setting up the new, outer space Watchtower (where there is a Tess memorial/statue, to show she died as a hero). The camera would then pan out the window to show that the Watchtower is a "JLA's new base" news story, being watched by Lois at the planet. She then changes the channel to Lex being elected, then she would walk away, talk with Jimmy, hear Perry, and crash into Clark, who calls her "Mrs. Kent." She then asks if he's ready for the JLA family dinner at Watchtower, but he hears about the bank robbery and says he may be a little late, running off and showing his Superman chest.

Other Episodes

Episodes like Isis, Harvest, Collateral, Fortune, Booster, and Prophecy (The Clois parts) would have been changed to include better storylines. Also, most episodes from the first half of the season would have had to include storylines for Chloe, Bruce, and Diana in Gotham, operating behind the scenes (i.e. Chloe sending them to help stop Ultraman without the others seeing them).

Homecoming would have also been changed dramatically if I was in charge. I would have cut out the Brainiac storyline, instead having a young meteor freak show Clark's future to him, and had some focus on Chloe in Gotham. While investigating the VRA/Government, Chloe would accidentally meet up with Lana Lang (Although she wasn't a fan favorite, Lana was a major character and deserved an episode in the final season). The 2 would work together in the episode, and have alot of flashbacks to Smallville High. Chloe and Lana, along with Bruce and Diana, would track down a mysterious hero with strange connections to the government. It would end up being Whitney Fordman, who would reveal that he wasn't killed in action, but instead was taken in to a secret lab by the government and trying to create a "Super Soldier" to serve the country. Being the only successful experiment, a superpowered Whitney escaped the lab and went underground, becoming a secret hero to people around the world. Whitney and Lana would bond and get back together, leaving the series like they started.

So what do you guys think? Do you like my ideas? Would you wanna change anything about Season 10? Comment! :D

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