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  • Cer-El

    All Women Gain Superpowers

    October 5, 2012 by Cer-El
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  • Cer-El

    I know this is considered a VERY horrifying question, but I just got to thinking about it and decided to get poeple's anwers on this question out of curiosity? To to be honest, just writing this questions scares the crap out of me worse than most of my other phobias?

    Anyway, (guys and ladies both can answer this question and don't bite my head off either) if females of all ages in real life were to gain powers while we men remain normal, how do you think this world would turn out from the moment each women suddenly received their powers? (Note: In this scenario, I'm only referring to "meteor freak" type of powers. Not Clark's powers, which would be totally catastrophic.)

    How would the world as we know it is change?

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  • Cer-El

    Personally, I believe that, if she does appear, Lex would find a way to take away her Prometheus powers and use the technology to construct the famous Green Power Suit from the comics. With Lana being back human, everything could play out as it's supposed to be. Since Clark and Lois are strongly in love witheach other and engaged, Clark would no longer have his long-lost feelings for Lana thathe used to have and Lana could accept them being friends. Now, Pete Ross returns in the comic, he and Lana grow closer to the point where they eventually get married just as their comic book counterparts.

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  • Cer-El

    1. General Zod

    2. Milton Fine/Brainiac

    3. Clark Luthor/Ultraman

    4. Bizarro

    5. Mikhail Mxyztlk

    6. Doomsday

    7. Rudy Jones/Parasite

    8. Winslow Schott/Toyman

    9. Soloman Grundy and other Marionette Ventures

    10. Slade Wilson

    11. Darkseid

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  • Cer-El

    Okay. Everywhere I go on the internet, people constantly make extremely harsh comments about the Lana Lang character, who's been one of the most significant characters of the series? I know she was annoying sometimes, especially for getting mad at Clark Kent for the slightest things, but that girl is really pretty (prettier than Lois, that is) and should at least have some kind of respect. Besides, the character has been around long before Kristin Kreuk's version of her. For some of y'all who doesn't know, in Superman III, Lana Lang was played by Annette O'toole (Martha Kent) years ago. Now back to the subject. Despite her great people, fans be like "Ooh, she's so annoying. I'm glad they got rid of her for good in season 8. She was a wimp.…

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