Ok, back in the season 5 episode, Vessel, Brainaic prepared Zod to become the vessel for Lex Luthor and Zod would become Lana's mate to reproduce. Why couldn't Fine just have Lana become Foara's vessel. We know Lana dosen't have to be given Kryptonian powers for Zod's wife, because any phantom, besides Zod, could just inhabit anybody and get Kryptonian powers.

Speaking of that, given the fact that Clana's relationship at that point was sour, if Lana had Kryptonian powers at the time she thought Clark was going to kill Lex out of jealousy, do you think she'll use the powers against Clark like she did against lex in Season 7's wrath? I'm just curious, because in Vessel, she hates Clark, loves Lex, while in Warth she loves Clark, hates Lex.

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