What's your favorite song(s) on Smallville? Here's my Top 10 (1, being the best and 5, being the least):

1. VAST - Don't Take Your Love Away (Bride)

2. Simple Plan - Welcome To My Life (Unsafe)

3. James Blunt - You're Beautiful (Reckoning)

4. BT - Never Gonna Come Back Down (Rush)

5. Esthero - I Drive Alone (Onyx)

6. Good Charlotte - Boys and Girls (Exile)

7. Interpol - Pioneer To The Falls (Persona)

8. Chris Levy - What You Feel (Beast)

9. Mindy Smith - One Moment More (Covenant)

10. Snow Patrol - You Could Be Happy (Promise)

This isn't my permanant Top 10. The music often changes, but most of the song listed will always be within my top 10 of Smallville music.

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