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Which Tom Welling incarnation on the show's history is your favorite? And Clark Kent himself dosen't count?

Cer-El September 8, 2011 User blog:Cer-El

Here are the following incarnations of Tom Welling playing a character:

A. Kal (Clark on Red K)

B. Clark Luthor/Ultraman of Earth-2

C. Tina Greer posing as Clark in Visage

D. Lionel Luthor in Clark's body in Transference.

E. Kal-El in Crusade

F. Bizarro from Phantom, Bizarro (episode), Gemini, and Persona

G. Dawn Stiles possessing Clark in Spirit

Personally, I like Lionel Luthor in Clark's body. That's my favorite Tom Welling incarnation. But the weakest is Dawn Stiles in Clark's body, although she probably would've wrecked havoc if she stayed a bit longer.

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