Okay. Everywhere I go on the internet, people constantly make extremely harsh comments about the Lana Lang character, who's been one of the most significant characters of the series? I know she was annoying sometimes, especially for getting mad at Clark Kent for the slightest things, but that girl is really pretty (prettier than Lois, that is) and should at least have some kind of respect. Besides, the character has been around long before Kristin Kreuk's version of her. For some of y'all who doesn't know, in Superman III, Lana Lang was played by Annette O'toole (Martha Kent) years ago. Now back to the subject. Despite her great people, fans be like "Ooh, she's so annoying. I'm glad they got rid of her for good in season 8. She was a wimp." Well, I'm one of the few people who never think like that and Lana Lang's beauty was one of the reasons why I got into Smallville in the first place. As for Lois, I think she's the one who was annoying. Well, I think she was annoying from Seasons 4-7, but after Lana left in Requiem, I started respect Lois a little more.

P.S. Don't kill me, guys, but I sincerely hope they bring Lana back in the upcoming Season 11 comic book arc. I hopeI get to know about her current status and what she's been doing since she left years a few years ago. My guess is that she moved back to Paris and started patrolling the streets there with her newfound powers.

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