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This is a spin-off that features the adventures of of the Justice League in 2015.

Main Cast:

Season 1

  • Atlantis Threatened: Aquaman discovers his long-lost brother Prince Orm, who tries to bring him back to Atlantis to rule over it. Aquaman decides to stay with the Justice League, much to Orm's displeasure. He then learns that he can rule Atlantis all by himself, so he captures Mera and dons himself the Ocean Master, the seas' ultimate ruler. Aquaman must lead Superman, Black Canary, Cyborg, and Martian Manhunter on a mission to save his home from his brother.
  • Possible Non-Extinction: Watchtower believes she has found possible survivors of the Martian race, much to Martian Manhunter's pleasure. However, it turns out to be bitter as it is actually White Martians, evil twins of the green Martian race, which is Martian Manhunter's. The martians have contained and taken the forms of Impulse, Stargirl, and Green Arrow. Now it is up to Martian Manhunter to find a way to get rid of the White Martians and save Earth.
  • Swarm Extroardenaire: Swarms of bees are covering buildings of Metropolis, alarming the Justice League. It turns out to be none other than the Queen Bee, who plans to take over Metropolis with her bees. She turns out to be Sasha Woodman's cousin who inherited similar powers like her's. Both Zatanna and Martian Manhunter go to stop Queen Bee before she unleashes her dangerous bee hybrid monsters.
  • Hero Hunter: Martha Kent has returned to visit Superman, but she also needs his help as her Red Queen persona is being targeted by an incredibly dangerous assassin named the Red King, who knows all the weaknesses of the Justice League. He captures Aquaman and dries him up at a dangerous rate. He captures Black Canary and makes her lose the use of her voice. The Justice League along with the Red Queen must work together to stop the Red King and save their teammates.
  • Magic Overdone: The ancient sorcerer Morgaine le Fey seeks to steal the power of Zatanna, and kidnaps her along with Green Arrow, Impulse, and Cyborg, bringing them to the world of Camelot. All four of them face challenges, such as Green Arrow competiting against Robin Hood, Impulse fighting in a joust, Cyborg trying to slay a dragon, and Zatanna facing off against Morgaine in a magic-off, with the winner becoming the greatest female sorcerer.
  • A Starry Encounter: The evil conqueror Starro has arrived and has started taking control of people's minds, leading the Justice League to stop him. However, both Stargirl and Martian Manhunter end up as Starro's victims, so they try to stop the League from defeating their new master. Eventually, Green Arrow and Black Canary get caught as well, resulting in Superman, Aquaman, Impulse, Zatanna, and Watchtower as Earth's last hopes.
  • Futuristic Meddlers: Morrow Industries CEO T.O. Morrow has developed new futuristic machines that he is selling for reasonable high prices. Green Arrow buys a futuristic cell phone and it nearly causes him to suffocate. As a result, Superman and Martian Manhunter are sent to take care of this, but both end up getting weakened by kryptonite and fire and get captured and become Morrow's new test subjects for his dangerous inventions. Both Impulse and Black Canary must save them.
  • Key to Survival: Green Arrow, Black Canary, Cyborg, and Stargirl go to investigate a seemingly haunted hotel where they up being trapped and attacked by a strange cloaked man. It captures Stargirl and reveals his identity to be the Key, a man who has lived in the hotel all his life and went insane after it closed down, but refused to leave it. Now, he makes a price on Stargirl's life if Green Arrow and his partners do not meet to his demands.
  • Formula for Prometheus: LuthorCorp's new Project Prometheus suit is stolen by a mysterious man, who dons it to become the villain bounty-hunter Prometheus. Aquaman briefly spars with Prometheus, where he almost gets killed by his heated sword blade, resulting in both Zatanna and Martian Manhunter to help Aquaman take down the villain. Prometheus soon reveals himself to be a man who idolizes villains and wants to eliminate all heroes.
  • Blinded by the Light: The Justice League's latest foe, Dr. Light, plans to take over all of the electricity in Metropolis to fuel his sun-ray, which can bring the Sun's power onto Metropolis and darkness shall never cover it. This calls the attention of Superman and Green Arrow. However, Light uses his ray to temporarily blind Green Arrow, making Superman to get him back to Watchtower for medical care. With the rest of the League occupied, Superman must take on Light himself.
  • Alien Dictator: Radio frequencies are malfunctioning in Metropolis when a mysterious UFO the size of the Daily Planet globe arrives. Out of the UFO comes Kanjar Ro, an alien dictator who plans to conquer Earth. He uses his powers to make people motionless so he can conquer Earth, and gets all the League except Zatanna motionless, who is immune to his powers because of her magic powers. Now Zatanna must stop Kanjar Ro from taking over Earth all by herself.
  • Calling All Demons: The Demons Three are released from their spiritual prison by three kids selling their souls to them. As a result, they get possessed and wreak havoc in Metropolis. They also try to remove Zatanna's powers from her, but they instead transfer them to Impulse. Zatanna must train Impulse to seal the demons back to their prison by using the same method her father used. After they are sealed, the kids are freed from possession and Zatanna's powers return to her.
  • Fortune and Glory: Amos Fortune returns with new luck powers he has obtained and uses them to turn the luck of the Justice League around. Green Arrow fails to stop a burglar from robbing a jewelry store, Black Canary ends up at a nail shop instead of a kingpin's lair, and Aquaman drinks orange juice, which he is allergic to. The three heroes work on trying to get to Fortune so he can get rid of their bad luck in exchange for not turning him in.
  • Luthor Power: Lex Luthor plans to gain the powers of the Justice League, so he builds an adaption suit which should help him copy the powers of the League. He obtains the powers of Impulse, Black Canary, and Cyborg through his suit. However, there is a formula to get the powers back, so Superman and Green Arrow go to get it.
  • Power of the Snake: A suit that has the power of 35 snakes is made in LuthorCorp genetic engineering, but a scientist with a grudge against the Justice League takes the suit to become Copperhead, a dangerous new foe of the League. He uses it to rob multiple banks and also to nearly hurt Green Arrow. However, Superman is proven to be invulnerable to Copperhead's power and defeats him then Zatanna uses her magic to heal Green Arrow.

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