This series takes place 5 months after the original series left off, where Clark Kent is now Superman, he and Lois Lane are happily married, and Lex Luthor is on a quest to find his lost memories.

Season 1

(Main Cast this season: Tom Welling as Clark Kent, Erica Durance as Lois Lane, Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor, Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen, Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan, and Lucas Grabeel as Conner Kent)

A New Beginning: Clark learns that his superhero name "The Blur" has lost its flavor, so he employs Lois and Chloe to find him a new name. However, Metallo is sent by the Marionette Ventures to kidnap Lois and threatens to drop Lois from 7,000 feet in the air unless Clark reveals his secret. But with help from Oliver and Conner, Clark gets Lois back and defeats Metallo. Meanwhile, Lex rebuilds Summerholt to remake the experiment that once helped him regain some of his lost memories. Lois and Chloe soon help Clark come with a new name that is "Superman".

Memory Reconstruction: Lex releases the Toyman out of jail to use the Summerholt technology to regain his memories. When Clark learns of this, he rushes off to stop Lex but gets weakened by kryptonite and uses the remnants of another of Lex's old projects to give Lex back his early memories of Clark. However, Clark stops Toyman and puts him back in prison, but unwillingly restarts his old friendship with Lex.

Unexpected Return: Davis Bloome, the human side of Doomsday, returns from the dead when lightning strikes his kryptonite surrounded grave. Now getting another chance at life, Davis tries to set out to kill those who ruined him. He attempts to kill Chloe for abandoning him, but she is saved by Conner. He then attempts to kill Lois and Oliver when they're alone, but they are both saved by Clark. Realizing that the only true power source he had was Doomsday, he uses Lex's mine-driller to free the monstrous Doomsday.

The Worst Nightmare Ever: The monstrous Doomsday returns, but unexpectedly kills Davis and sets out to wreak havoc in Metropolis. Clark employs most of the Justice League to help him, but they are not strong enough to stop the indestructible beast. Clark then asks for help from the Legion of Superheroes, who arrive and transport Doomsday to the far, far future, where he gets frozen in -300 degree weather and is finally taken cared of.

Father's Day: When Father's Day arrives, Clark goes to the Fortress of Solitude and asks Jor-El to spend a day with him in physical form. In response, Jor-El produces a hologram of his younger self and goes with Clark throughout Metropolis, learning Earth culture. However, an electrical wire gone hazardous hits the hologram, causing it to go out of control and Clark employing Conner to help him stop it. Meanwhile, Lex learns that he created a large cloning lab and that one of his clones is still alive with all of his memories waiting to be let out.

Suspicions Arise: Sam Lane arrives unexpectedly to Clark and Lois, where the couple believe he is just here to visit but in actuality he is sent there by Lex when he tracks his one living clone at the Kent Farm. However, Oliver figures this out, so after Lex thinks that Oliver is his clone because of his past connection with him, he employs Sam with an exoskeleton which transforms him into a super assassin. Now only Clark can save Oliver's life and help redeem Sam before Lois gets disappointed by his acts.

Power Malfunctions: It's been over two years since Dr. Fate restored John Jones' powers to him, but now they are malfunctioning for an unknown reason and he tries to get Clark's help. Meanwhile, Lex figures out that Conner is actually is his clone, so he sends his goons to weaken him and bring him to the rebuilt Cadmus Labs. When Clark cannot get through Lex's defences, he is forced to get Oliver and the malfunctioning John to help him. But Lex still retrieves some of his early childhood memories as a result.

New League Member: Jaime Reyes, who has seemingly mastered the power of the alien scarab, asks to join the Justice League at Chloe's request. However, Clark fears Jaime will get hurt because he believes he didn't fully master his powers and refuses to let him join. When Jaime goes off to blow some steam, Lex captures Jaime and plans to pull the scarab out of his back, believing it can help him retrieve all of his memories. Clark, Oliver, and Conner infiltrate Cadmus Labs again to save Jaime before his life gets taken away by Lex.

Heir to the Swann: Clark recently meets Xavier Swann, cousin of Patricia Swann and nephew of Virgil Swann. Xavier explains that he is there because he is the last surviving member of the Swann family and wants to meet Clark because he is the Travler from his uncle's Veritas society. Lex arrives to meet Xavier, and upon hearing the Swann surname gives him back the memories of when he was friends with Patricia Swann. Clark now fears that Lex is getting more and more memories back and Xavier is suddenly killed by a masked assailant.

The Super Scientist: Emil Hamilton is jealous of all of the Justice League members, especially Clark, having superpowers, so upon learning of the meteor rocks from Chloe, he ventures to Smallville where he purposely exposes himself to them and conicidently gets the power to control technology. He becomes the hero Super-Tech to try and stop criminals using his powers, but ends up going psychotic with them and almost kills Oliver and Chloe with them. Clark must stop Emil before he goes from new standup hero to new psychotic villain.

Clone Hunt: Lex is now on a major obsession to capture Conner to reclaim his memories, but Clark secretly foils him every time. But soon Lex manages to distract Clark, Lois, Chloe, and Oliver to keep them busy so he can kidnap Conner and bring him once again back to Cadmus Labs. The group realize they've been tricked and rush to Cadmus to save Conner. However, they arrive almost too late, as Lex regains all of his memories except when he learned about the Traveler prophecy, when he killed his father, and when he learned Clark's secret.

Earth-2 Rises Again: Clark Luthor, Clark's Earth-2 counterpart, arrives and explains that his world is under seige and that he needs Clark's help. Hesitantly, Clark goes with Earth-2 Clark to his world, but unknowingly bring Lois with them. The three learn that the Earth-2 Brainiac has taken over Metropolis and is ready to conquer the world and has also poisoned Clark Luthor. While Clark #2 is being treated by Lois, Clark #1 rushes off to stop Earth-2 Brainiac before he makes his way to Earth-1 and conquers it as well.

The Mentor vs. the Apprentice: Vordigan is sent by the Marionette Ventures to capture Clark and bring him to their lair, but encounters Oliver instead. The two battle it out while Lex dons his new Prometheus suit to capture Conner and claim the rest of his memories. To protect Conner, Clark and Lex fight as well, but both fights take a toll when both Lois and Chloe get injured, resulting in Conner getting captured by Lex once more and Vordigan getting away while Chloe is losing a lot of life in herself. (season finale)

Season 2

In this season, Clark and the group are in a pit of trouble when Lex recovers nearly all of his memories and an alternate universe version of Brainiac arrives to team up with Lex and exterminate Clark once and for all.

(Main Cast: Tom Welling as Clark Kent, Erica Durance as Lois Lane, Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor, Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen, Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan, Lucas Grabeel as Conner Kent, and James Marsters as Earth-2 Brainiac)

Our Heroes' Revenge: Both Lois and Chloe are stuck in the hospital due to their injuries because of Lex and Vordigan, prompting Clark and Oliver to seek revenge on their opponents. Oliver confronts Vordigan at the Ace of Clubs, and Clark goes to Cadmus once more to save Conner. After rescuing Conner, Clark breaks Lex's right arm and Oliver slips Vordigan into a coma, with both heroes getting their jobs done.

The Birth of Deathstroke: Brainiac from Earth-2 reveals himself to Lex, having followed Clark to Earth-1, and he heals Lex's arm so he can team up with him to take Superman down. Brainiac also awakens Slade Wilson out of his coma and upgrades him into the ultimate assassin Deathstroke. The two villains send Deathstroke to fight Clark, while Lois and Conner try to help him.

All-Powerful Luthor: Brainiac upgrades Lex's Prometheus suit into a dangerous war machine that threatens the existence of Metropolis. Lex uses it to fight Clark once more, and actually beats him this time. Lex proceeds to bring Clark to Cadmus where he proceeds to torture Clark for information on his secret identity. Aghast about Lex's newest and most horrible plan yet, Chloe, Lois, Conner, and Oliver all team up to save Clark and stop Lex before he gets the knowledge he wants.

Imperfection Status: Using the DNAs of both Clark and Brainiac, Lex unintentionally resurrects Bizarro, but now more powerful and dangerous than before. When he proves to be too strong for Lex, he requests Clark's help into defeating the monstrosity before it takes over Metropolis. But when Bizarro learns that Clark is coming after him, he kidnaps Chloe and threatens to kill her along with a school bus of children if Clark and Lex don't surrender to him. However, the two manage to use blue kryptonite to kill the Bizarro and save Chloe.

Couples' Argument: Clark and Lois are in a major fight when Clark keeps leaving Lois to rescue citizens in Metropolis while they are trying to have a romantic vacation together. In the end, Clark cannot stop Lois when she temporarily leaves, leaving Clark in a pit of depression. Upon seeing Clark's heartbroken behavior, Oliver and Chloe rush off to convince Lois to go back to Clark while he refuses to save people at the Daily Planet from Lex's bomb.

A Hero's Return: Kara Kent returns from the future after learning 467 years ago that Clark defeated the darkness and saved the Earth. At first, it's a happy family reunion for the two, until Brainiac arrives and plans to take Kara's Legion ring so he can travel to the past and prevent Clark from going to Earth like his Earth-1 counterpart did 4 years ago. Clark and Conner team up with Kara to stop Brainiac from completing the mission his past self would have done.

Legacy of the Hawkman: Carter Hall, AKA Hawkman, is brought back to life because of the Egyptian curse that was placed on him and his wife Shayera. Lex learns of Carter's curse and plans to smash the headstone that still carries the curse so Carter and Shayera can be gone from Earth forever. When he has hundreds of thousands of his researchers find the headstone, he ventures to Egypt to destroy it. Clark, Lois, Carter, Oliver, and Conner go there to stop Lex.

Wanted- Impulse: The super-speeding Bart Allen, who is also Impulse, arrives to ask for Clark and Lois' help after he is being pursued by Marionette Ventures member Captain Cold. Clark and Oliver go to stop Cold, but Oliver ends up getting partially frozen as a result. Cold then decides to freeze and capture both Bart and Clark by the orders of the Toyman. When Clark and Bart both get frozen along with Oliver, Conner and Lois go off to save the both of them by infiltrating an abandoned laundromat which serves as Cold's lair.

The Lost Files: Lex learns that one of his experiments Victor Stone, now Justice League member Cyborg, had important data files implanted into his brain that carry the secrets of the remaining Level 33.1 building that is under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Lex has his goons capture Victor, where he is taken to Cadmus and his brain is deprieved of the files where Lex learns that there are secret experimentations of the Black Ship going on, which both Clark and Brainiac find out about.

Booster Seat for a Hero: Rokk Krinn arrives in the 21'st century, where he approaches Clark and Booster Gold, requesting Booster to give his Legion ring back to the Legion of Superheroes and that he must pay a $9,000,000,000 fine for meddling with time. Booster refuses to give up his ring or pay the fine, as he just wants to be a hero. Meanwhile, Lex learns that Booster is a man from the future and tricks Rokk into helping him by using Brainiac to be Clark in order to invade the Pentagon and the two must be stopped if Booster can remain as a hero.

Oliver's Choice: Oliver and Chloe are going to Hawaii for a romantic vacation, but Brainiac follows them and kidnaps Chloe, then poses as her. He then kidnaps Oliver and then reveals that Lex has offered him a chance to be his partner, and if he doesn't comply, he will kill Chloe. Thinking that he has no choice, Oliver almost signs up as Lex's partner, but suddenly Clark and Conner arrive to help him fight Brainiac. Eventually, Brainiac runs away and Chloe is saved, but Oliver questions his loyalty to the Justice League and Clark.

The Canary's Cry: Dinah Lance, also known as Black Canary, shows up badly injured when she is being targeted by Solomon Grundy from the Marionette Ventures. Conner, annoyed that he is never asked to assist in real League missions, goes off to fight Grundy by himself, but learns he can't take him down without Clark or Dinah's help. The three, along with Oliver, go off to take down Grundy, in which they do, and both Dinah and Clark believe that Conner will make a good addition to the team while Oliver is reluctant.

Underwater Menace: The ocean is threatened when Arthur Curry, AKA Aquaman, seems to be no match for his new foe the Black Manta. He and his wife Mera ask for the help of Clark, Chloe, Oliver, Lois, and Conner when Manta threatens to kill all the sea creatures in the ocean using an underwater oil drill. Clark and A.C. both infiltrate Manta's lair, but Manta weakens Clark with kryptonite and A.C. with hot air, causing them to be captured. Oliver, Conner, and Mera then infiltrate the Manta's lair to save Clark and A.C. and thwart the villain's plans.

The Secret is Exposed: One day, Lex visits the Daily Planet and accidentally sees Clark with his glasses off, making him think that he could be Superman by the similarities of their faces. With Brainiac's help, he sees that Clark and Superman are the same person and issues a LuthorCorp broadcast around the world confirming Clark Kent is Superman. This causes Clark to initially become a celebrity, but then Brainiac convinces the people of Metropolis that Clark was really sent here because he is the head of an alien invasion. With everyone except his friends believing Lex's @#!*% and bull story, Clark exiles himself away from Earth far, far away.

New Evil Submerges: Clark has now been living on the Moon for 2 weeks as now the whole planet believes Clark to be an alien threat. Suddenly, Clark comes into contact with his foe Darkseid, who he banished to the core of the Moon as punishment for trying to take over Earth. Darkseid wants revenge on Clark and the two fight a heated battle that goes insane. Eventually, Darkseid convinces Clark that everyone hates him now and that no one wants him to protect them. He tells Clark that he will make everyone forget his secret if he sides with him. Surprisingly, Clark shakes Darkseid's hand and instantly has an Omega symbol marked on his skull while glowing evil red eyes and a sadistic grin. (season finale)

Season 3

The season starts with Clark under the control of Darkseid, planning to destroy the Earth as a plan for Darkseid's revenge and Clark's friends working around the clock trying to save him and the planet. John Jones is also included as part of the main cast.

(Main Cast: Tom Welling as Clark Kent/Darkseid, Erica Durance as Lois Lane, Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor, Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen, Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan, Lucas Grabeel as Conner Kent, and Phil Morris as John Jones)

Where is Superman?: It has been 5 months ever since Clark has exiled himself out of Earth, and all of his friends are worried, especially Lois. John Jones arrives and says that he has searched all over the galaxy for Clark, but he cannot find him. Suddenly, at a planitarium, an astronomer sees strange red lines on the sphere that is Pluto. Suddenly, the planet explodes and a strange blur flies out of the planet. Both Oliver and Lex acquire this telescope footage and when they enhance the photo of Pluto's destroyer, it is revealed to be none other than an evil-looking Clark Kent.

Apocolypse on Earth: Everyone is shocked to learn that Clark has destroyed Pluto, and think he is coming for Earth next. Suddenly, the fiery, hellish planet of Apokolips arrives and Clark appears out of the planet and destroys the Queen Tower, where he is revealed to be under the control of Darkseid, now donning the name the Omega Ruler. He then proceeds to lay waste to Metropolis, where Oliver calls upon the Justice League to help stop Clark, and surprisingly gains help from Lex, Brainiac, and the Marionette Ventures.

Fate is Sealed: The Omega Ruler proves to be the most dangerous being imaginable, as he injuries countless people, destroys Brainiac, and has now decided to lay waste Los Angeles. No choice is left except to kill Clark, which half of the League disagrees on. To prove they don't need to kill Clark, Chloe dons the Helmet of Nabu and transforms into the new Dr. Fate, where she teleports to Los Angeles along with Lois, Oliver, Lex, Conner, and John and uses her new powers to see through Clark. She sees that there is still goodness in him, but Darkseid is taking more control slowly in every second.

End of Destruction: Chloe continues to try and free Clark from Darkseid's control, but fails to when the darkness overwhelms her power. The Omega Ruler then heads to lay waste on the city of Hong Kong. Chloe uses the last of her strength to teleport the group to Hong Kong, where Lois comes up with an idea after finding a piece of black kryptonite on sale at a vendor. With help from Conner and John, Lois is able to get close to Clark and uses the black kryptonite to separate him and Darkseid from each other. However, Darkseid is revealed to have become a part of him, but Clark is able to take control of himself and faints from exhaustion.

Secret Still Out: Clark may have been saved from Darkseid, but his secret is still out, and now the people of Earth are more angry at him than ever. However, Brainiac 5 from the Legion arrives and takes control of the Internet where he uses his powers to erase the memory of Clark's secret from everyone except his friends and the League. However, Brainiac 5 warns that Clark and Darkseid are still merged together, but Clark is still in control. John soon comes up with the decision to stay on Earth to keep on eye on Clark's Darkseid half.

Guilty Issues: Clark feels guilty over what he had done when he was under Darkseid's control and seems to have given up being a hero while his friends get worried over his condition and try to snap him out of it. Meanwhile, Jor-El learns about what happened to Clark, so he possesses Oliver and tries to take Clark to the Fortress so he can freeze him again and prevent him from being controlled by the darkness again. Clark and Jor-El battle it out, with Lois, Conner, and John trying to stop the fight but Jor-El reveals that it was a test to see that Clark still has control over himself, so he releases his possession on Oliver.

Conner's Own Episode: We take a look at the life of Conner, where he attends Smallville High School, learns about various subjects, hangs out with Zoe and Clayton from the Smallville Torch, and tries to avoid school bully Reggie Howell. However, Reggie ends up encountering a small pack of meteor rocks while he was biking at the sand dunes, and unfortunately gets the ability to transform into a super-strong monster, calling himself Blockbuster and decides to take revenge on Conner after he humiliates him at school. Conner battles Reggie and also tries to prevent Zoe and Clayton from discovering his secret.

Secret Suspicion: Lex is making an investigation on why he was able to forget Superman's identity along with the rest of the world. Suddenly, he meets the mysterious man who assassinated Xavier Swann, and explains that he knows who Superman is, but refuses to tell him unless he brings Chloe to him. Suspicious but still determined, Lex has his goons capture Chloe this time and bring her to the abandoned Club Zero building. The assassin, still masked, prepares to execute Chloe until Clark and John arrive to save her. While John saves Chloe, Clark fights Lex's goons and the assassin who has strange powers. After saving Chloe and getting out, the assassin, all alone, reveals his identity to be Davis Bloome, still alive.

Rise of the Eradicator: Dr. David Connor of Cadmus Labs is ordered to try and figure out the secret that surrounds Clark, but refuses to follow him, believing Lex is insane, and goes to try and hide in the Arctic Circle. However, he accidentally stumbles upon the Fortress of Solitude and Jor-El decides to make him the Eradicator, a Kryptonian machine that is designed to keep the darkness from taking over Earth. As a result, David goes after Clark, who unfortunately becomes possessed by Darkseid again, resulting in him becoming the Omega Ruler and fighting a heated battle with David until John breaks them up. As a result, David goes into space while Clark frees himself from Darkseid's control again.

Invasion of the Marionettes: Roulette, the only MV member not contained, is on a mission to free all of her comrades from jail. She hacks Chloe's computer and uses her credit card information to pay all of their bails. Toyman proceeds to have all of his members to find and destroy Clark. Only Captain Cold is able to find him, but Clark's Darkseid half takes control of Cold's mind due to the darkness in his heart and makes him commit suicide. Soon, Oliver, Chloe, Conner, and John find the others save for Toyman and have them locked up. Meanwhile, Lois and John both learn that Clark was controlled by Darkseid again and get worried that he is losing control every second.

Problems with Darkness and Family: Jor-El is very concerned about Clark's ever-growing-stronger dark half. However, John visits the Fortress and persuades Jor-El not to bring the Eradicator back to Earth, but have Kara come and help Clark instead. Reluctant, Jor-El agrees with John and brings Kara back from the future to help Kal-El. However, Kara accidentally comes into contact with red kryptonite and gets a bad personality like Clark and Conner did from their previous exposures. Kara proceeds to take control of a mafia in Metropolis and become their leader, causing Clark to go stop her. Kara snaps out of her current state and brings Clark to the Fortress against his will.

Jailhouse Rock: Lex gets caught by Oliver trying to ruin his dinner party, and gets threaten with death where the police catch Oliver and arrest him for attempting to murder Lex. However, Lois is more concerned about the missing Clark, so Chloe and Conner work on trying to free Oliver, but it gets tougher when Lex refuses to have Oliver bailed, so under Chloe's nose, Conner breaks into the prison to save Oliver. However, he accidentally exposes his secret but proves that Lex attempted to kill all the people at Oliver's party, resulting in Lex getting arrested and Oliver getting freed. Conner decides to don the name of Superboy. Meanwhile, John goes to the Fortress of Solitude to find it destroyed and Kara mysteriously injured. John takes Kara back to Metropolis safely, but encounters Clark, now fully possessed by Darkseid again, who kills him.

Destruction Be Foretold: Clark has been missing for several weeks now, and Conner has taken his place in his Superboy alias. Meanwhile, Lex gets bailed out of jail by Dabney Donovan, who has recently bought LuthorCorp and has discovered the location of the rouge Superman to be on Mars. Suddenly, a large explosion appears on the sky, showing that Mars is destroyed. Suddenly, the evil Clark appears on top of the Daily Planet globe, and proceeds to absorb everyone's life-force to obtain more power.

Krypton's Survivors Unleashed: Darkseid is gaining more and more power, and is turning stronger at a disastrous rate. As a result, an awakening Kara is unaffected by Darkseid's power, and neither is Conner because of his Kryptonian DNA half. However, Lois and Lex are also not affected because of the fact they once had Kryptonian powers as well. The Eradicator soon arrives back to Earth, and fuses with many of Metropolis' technology to fight Darkseid, who has now turned into a gigantic lizard-like monster. The Eradicator is no match for Darkseid's power, and ends up being killed as a result.

End of the Dark Hour: With the Eradicator's death, Darkseid reaches to almost near-god level and transforms into an even more dangerous form. Lex and Conner end up being sacrificed to him as he gains even more power. Only Chloe, Lois, and Kara are the only beings on the planet alive. Chloe dons the Helmet of Nabu again and uses it to take her and her friends within the heart of Darkseid, which contains Clark, barely alive. Chloe sacrifices herself to get Lois, Kara, and Clark out of Darkseid, where Clark uses his power as the bearer of light to become a light god more powerful than Darkseid, and uses it to destroy the dark deity and resurrect everyone back to Earth, but Chloe, John, and the Eradicator remain dead while Clark has mysteriously disappeared.

Season 4

Clark returns after defeating the evil that is Darkseid. However, new problems face him when Lex now meddles with Clark and Lois' relationship, Davis returns to get payback, Conner's clone status starts threatening his life, and Chloe seems to have died forever.

(Main Cast: Tom Welling as Clark Kent, Erica Durance as Lois Lane, Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor, Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen, Lucas Grabeel as Conner Kent, and Sam Witwer as Davis Bloome)

A Hero's Wonderful Return: It has been over a month since Clark has destroyed Darkseid, but has not return neither has Chloe Sullivan. Lois, Oliver, and Conner worry that Clark must have sacrificed himself to save humanity. However, a meteor strikes into a cornfield which Lois looks at and finds Clark, alive and well, much to Lois' happiness. Meanwhile, Davis reveals himself to Lex and promises to help him destroy Superman, but Lex is starting to feel a change of heart.

Something Wicked This Way Comes: Lois believes she is being stalked by a ghost after waking up to find herself dangling from bed, the dishes exploding on their own, and even the car is chasing her. Soon, the ghost reveals itself to be none other than a dead friend of Lois' from when they were kids, named Wendy. Wendy refuses to let Lois live life to the fullest while she is dead, so she possesses her and tries to take over her life and marriage with Clark. However, Clark and Oliver are able to see through Wendy's disguise, so they chain her down and have an exorcist get Wendy's spirit out of Lois. Meanwhile, Lex hires a man named Henry Irons to spy on Clark and Lois, being suspicious about their marriage.

Clone Puberty: Clark is worried about Conner because of his violent mood swings. He has pushed Oliver hard to a wall in a rage, nearly impales Clark for no reason, and almost kills Zoe for no apparent reason. Clark and Lois meet with Dr. Christina Lamell, who was helping Tess Mercer when she had Conner problems too, and she says that the two parts of Conner's DNA are battling for control, with Clark's DNA being the good while Lex's is the bad. They keep Conner in a kryptonite cage to keep him from hurting anyone else, but he breaks out of it and blames Lex for his condition, so he heads to Lex's house to kill him. Clark must stop Conner from revealing his secret or kill Lex.

King Kong in Metropolis: A lab monkey, Titano, gets exposed to meteor rocks and grows into a collosal size, also gaining kryptonite vision. He escapes his cage and kidnaps Lois and takes her to the top of the Daily Planet. Clark attempts to stop him, but gets weakened by his kryptonite vision. Realizing that Titano's power threatens the city, Lex is forced to help Superman by giving him a lightweight lead suit that should reflect the power of Titano. Clark uses the suit to save Lois and takes down Titano, where he tragically falls off the Planet building to his death, where Lex has his team bring his corpse to Cadmus for investigation.

A Family Reunion: Davis sneaks into the Fortress of Solitude to learn more about his parents, General Zod and Faora. He discovers that they were both trapped in the Phantom Zone so he uses the black crystal to free them. Zod's body is now a wraith as he lost control of the prisoners after Darkseid was defeated. The two reunite with Davis, calling him by his new Kryptonian name Eodam. They then possess Lex and Lois as the two are their Kryptonian vessels, and the three launch destruction on Metropolis, with Davis revealing he still has his Kryptonian powers. Realizing that the Zod family is too much for Clark to handle, Jor-El makes another hologram and brings Zod and Faora back to the Phantom Zone, but Davis escapes him.

Life For War: Clark and Oliver have just stopped a bank robbery when they are teleported into a gladiator arena and fight Vala and Basqat, the two Kandorians from Major Zod's army. Oliver is granted Kryptonian powers and fights the two with Clark as his partner. They realize that their opponents were just kidnapped by an alien tyrant named Mongul, who has been hunting down surviving Kryptonians, and just kidnapped Clark and Oliver as they were both responsible for Darkseid's first defeat. When Clark and Oliver go to Mongul for the request of their freedom, he refuses to let them go and reveals Chloe, who didn't disintegrate but was teleported to Mongul's gladiator arena.

Escape from the Arena Ark: Clark, Oliver, and Chloe are reunited, but Chloe has lost her Dr. Fate powers and is now working as a slave on Mongul's ship. Clark and Oliver continue to be gladiators and fight two other alien gladiators. Back on Earth, Lois, Conner, and Emil learn where Clark and Oliver are and Conner hitches a ride on a NASA satellite to get inside Mongul's gigantic arena ark. He finds his friends, but he is kidnapped and made a gladiator as well. Clark and Conner end up fighting in another match while Oliver, Chloe, Vala, and Basqat work on getting to Mongul's teleporter. Conner surrenders and Clark ends up fighting Mongul. Clark defeats Mongul and he and Conner join up with the others. Vala and Basqat go back to New Krypton, and Chloe decides to stay on the ark to purify it of Mongul and sends Clark, Oliver, and Conner back to Earth.

Hitman Henry: Lex's hitman Henry has spied on Clark and Lois for at least 2 weeks. When he fails to cover up any new information other than the fact that Lois is hotheaded and Clark is a bumbling idiot (which he is not), Lex fires Henry. One night, while drinking his sorrows away, he drives into a mine filled with meteor rocks and gains the ability to turn his skin into steel. He decides to use his new powers to get revenge on Lex for firing him and to avenge all the other people's lives he ruined as well. Fearing for his life, Lex is forced to call Superman for help to get rid of Henry, but once Clark learns of Henry's true intentions, he decides to help redeem him and make a new member of the Justice League.

Man of Steel: Henry has joined the Justice League under the codename Steel. His first mission involves joining Clark, Oliver, and Bart Allen on a mission to recover a lost diamond that was stolen by Toyman. Toyman fuels the diamond with kryptonite to get back at Clark for killing Captain Cold while he was under Darkseid's control. He then plans to use the satellite to turn everyone on Earth into meteor freaks in which Steel goes against Toyman himself but during the fight with him he accidentally turns Toyman into a metahuman with the ability to squirt acid. Despite this vulnerability, Steel contains the Toyman and proves himself as a true League member.

The Scale of Balance: Carter Hall returns after spending time with his wife Shayera and Oliver is again asked by Lex to be partners with him. Carter learns of this and takes both of them to Egypt to determine whether they are in the light or darkness region. Clark and Lois go with them, and see that Oliver is in-between, much to their confusion. Lex goes next, and astonishingly has his purity mostly on the light side. Clark and Lois both go and they are pure of light. Suddenly, Davis shows himself, revealing his existence to Clark, Lois, and Oliver for the first time and proves his pure darkness by scaling himself, which causes Carter a heart attack that puts him in a coma.

Out of Control: Conner is once again having control issues and cannot control his powers. Lex, now going with what Carter's scale says, offers Clark and Lois help to fix Conner. Conner is then sent to Summerholt so Lex can remove all of the bad memories that are trying to control Conner's mind. However, Davis interferes by disguising himself as a doctor and instead lets all the bad memories take control of Conner, turning him into a deadly weapon. Davis is actually doing this in an attempt to get his powers back, which he lost after Jor-El took action to send his parents back to the Phantom Zone. Clark and Oliver, now getting the help of Lex, try to stop Conner from a deadly rampage in Metropolis.

Freak Rampage: Lex decides to stop all of his evil experiments and writes a letter to Superman that he has gone over a new leaf and has decided to start using his genius for good things. As a result, he fires Davis as his assistant after learning from Lois that he was once a dangerous alien monster. Three meteor freaks, Johnny (a rock monster that can shoot energy), Kaylee (a monkey monster with spider abilities), and Damon (a manta monster that can fly) get released from Davis and they go after Lex as revenge. Upon reading his letter, Clark goes after the freaks and with Oliver and Conner's help, the three take the freaks down one-by-one and save Lex. Later, Carter's scale picks up a new enemy of darkness.

Return of the Monster: Garth Ranzz from the Legion of Super-Heroes decides to show Clark what the future is like for a day. Unfortunately, Davis tags along with them and steals Garth's ring, which he uses to bring Doomsday to the present. He uses black kryptonite to merge himself with Doomsday once more, turning him once again into an ultimate monster of destruction. As a result, Doomsday is too strong for past and future heroes, so Clark theorizes on using past heroes. He uses a Legion ring as well and brings back Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, Al Pratt, Terry Sloane, and Charles McNider from the Justice Society of America. Together, heroes from past, present, and future eras work together to destroy the threat of Doomsday forever.

Season 5

The threat of Doomsday may be over, but the war against heroes and villains still rages on. Chloe returns to Earth, Lex is now on the good side of balance, an old friend comes back, and Clark and Lois start to develop marriage problems.

(Main Cast: Tom Welling as Clark Kent, Erica Durance as Lois Lane, Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor, Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen, Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan, Lucas Grabeel as Conner Kent, and Sam Jones III as Pete Ross)

Reunions Galore: Clark decides to take the day off from being a hero and tries to have a romantic vacation with Lois. Oliver wonders if he will ever see Chloe again and agrees to be Lex's partner after seeing him donating lots of money to multiple charity foundations. Pete Ross returns to Smallville and buys the Kent Farm from Clark and Lois. Conner gets in his senior year at high school and has finally learned to control his powers. Suddenly, during a small party orchestrated by Lex, a returning Chloe returns home, much to happiness of everyone, especially Oliver, who embraces being with the love of his life.

Dream Menace: Lois, Pete, and Oliver are having strange dreams that when they wake up in the morning, they find themselves in terrible pain. Both Clark and Lex investigate this mysterious disease, but suddenly Lex starts experiencing the dreams as well. Suddenly, at least a fourth of the population in Smallville is having the menacing dreams, becoming a dangerous plague. After Chloe finds herself infected, only Clark and Conner remain as the only survivors in the town because of their alien heritage. The disease turns out to be none other than a meteor freak named Jameson whose seizures that he experiences in his sleep causes others to be affected by them. Clark and Conner must wake Jameson up to save everyone.