July 20, 2011 by DARKSEID

    Hey guys I just finished my mid-season finale for my twelfth season. It's called Cataclysm. I have some pretty cool ideas and story arcs that I'm gonna use for my last half, but I need a little help. I was wondering if you guys wouldn't mind sharing some ideas to help make the final half of my season more interesting and cool. This is my last season after all so I want to go out with a bang! Anyone who has ideas feel free to comment please. I need all the help I can get. Thanks Guys.

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    Your Abilities.

    July 7, 2011 by DARKSEID

    At first I was going to limit this blog to only Clark's abilities, but I figured what the heck why not throw them all in there. If you could have any superpower you wanted what would it be? You can put your first and second and even third, but lets try ot limit it to three if we can because that could be an endless list haha. And since I figure 90% of the people will put flight I think we can establish that one automatically.

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    Chloe's god complex.

    July 6, 2011 by DARKSEID

    Did anyone else start to seriously dislike Chloe in the eighth and ninth season? I liked her in seasons 1-7 and 10, but personally, I started to dislike her in the episode Prey and it continued until she disapeared in Lazarus. I don't know about you guys, but by the end of the eighth season I was hoping Doomsday would maul her to death. It was like she believed she was better than everyone else because she was friends with Clark. I'll list some situations that really ticked me off

    1) She wouldn't help Clark find the killer in episode "Prey" because she claimed it would breach patient confidentiality even though she knows from experience that 90% of the people she's dealing with will probably go homicidal.

    2) She never listened to a thing Jim…

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    This season will continue where my eleventh season left off. If you haven't read that one you might want to so that you will better understand it. I appreciate it when you comment and make suggestions it helps me out a lot.



    Superman--Tom Welling

    Lois lane--Erica Durance

    Oliver Queen--Justin Hartley

    Lex Luthor--Michael Rosenbaum

    Perry White--Michael McKean


    Martian Manhunter--Phil Morris

    Cat Grant--Keri Pratt

    Jimmy Olsen--Aaron Ashmore

    Toyman--Chris Gauthier

    Metallo--Brian Green

    Supergirl--Laura Vandervoort

    Brainiac 5--James Marsters

    Episode 1 "Triumph": Metropolis is panicking because of the attack on Earth. The U.S's military is proving useless against Darkseid's forces. It seems the new team of heroes battling the onslaught is Earth's o…

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    I know that this is a Smallville blog, but people have been making articles on Bruce Wayne, so I figure no one will get mad. I love the Batman Begins and Dark Knight movies don't get me wrong, but I was really dissapointed on how they portrayed Bruce as being a little dull. I mean in the comics he's the greatest detective in the world, and in the movies he's...well...He's just not not the sharpest guy. I mean I'm 15 years old and even I know what submarines use for navigation lol. Was anyone else disappointed by this or am I alone?

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