Everyone else is posting what they want in an eleventh season. So I figure I will too.

Episode 1 "Destiny": Clark deals with what its like to be a hero when he's not in the shadows. Lois decides they should keep their relationship on the downlow for now because he has stepped into the light. Oliver searches for the reason why he was able to defeat the prophets so easilly. Clark worries that maybe his victory over Apokolips was too easy. Lex struggles to understand how he lost his memory.

Episode 2 "Sins" Lex reclaims control of Luthorcorp and changes its name to Lexcorp. Oliver is worried because he can't get a hold of Tess so he confronts Lex. Superman investigates a string of crimes that seem to be connected. Lois is having a hard time dealing with her new job because she doesn't get to see Clark as much. Oliver demands to know what Lex did with Tess. Lex says that she died in a car accident. Oliver is escorted out by security but before they can drag him out he says I know you killed her and I will prove it. And Lex replies why would think I was capable of that? Oliver realizes something isn't right with Lex.

Episode 3 "Manhunter": The crimes that Superman are investigating get worse and he meets with Martian Manhunter to ask him whats going on. Jon says he doesn't know bu every time he tries to investigate as a detective he gets a lot of resistance. Superman and Jonn go to follow up on some leads. Lois gets a letter from Jimmy's little brother but before she can open someone runs down the halway and says, "Bruno Manheim was released from prison yesterday." She lays the letter on her mess of a desktop and calls Clark to tell him the news about Manheim. Once Clark realizes Manheim is out Jon and him put 2 and 2 together. They realize Manheim starting up his crime ring again. Lex is searching for a way to get his memory back but without much luck. In the end of the episode Jonn realizes that he can't do everything he needs to do as a detective, so he decides to adopt a superhero persona of his own.

Episode 4 "Regret": Chloe comes to town and meets with Lois. Chloe tells her that she can't find Oliver and that she's worried. Lois tries to help, but she is so swamped with work that Chloe realizes there isn't much she can do. Chloe goes to Clark who says that Oliver was searching for Tess the last time he saw him. Clark says he was so busy that he had forgotten to help Oliver. Clark, of course, thinks this is his fault. Chloe is finally able to locate him using Watchtower's system. Superman flies to meet Oliver who is sitting on abeach remembering his good times with Mercy. He is deeply saddened but quickly composes himself when he sees Clark flying towards him. Clark and him talk about Tess and Clark finally convinces Oliver to return. Oliver states that he will bring Lex down. He won't get away with this. Clark is worried about Oliver because he has seen what a thirst for revenge has done to him.

Episode 5 "Alliance": Lex is searching his files and comes across a person who might be able to help him regain his memory. He is angry when he finds out that he is in prison. But he doesn't give up he goes to Strykers and visits none other than Winslow Schott. Toyman agrees to help Lex. At a cost. Lois and Clark are extremelly surprised to hear Perry White has taken the job as Editor and Chief. He calls them up to his office and tells them he wanted to be where the action is, and he is going to expect a lot from them. Toyman fashions a breastplate powered by kryptonite that should slowly help him regain his memory. Lex is impatient and says that he didn't break him out of prison for this. Toyman states that he will find a way to accelerate the process, but this is just the first step.

Episode 6 "Family": Conner comes to Metropolis for winter break and stays with Clark and Lois. Clark and Lois are stressed because they have to deal him while they work overtime trying to impress Perry who is quite a taskmaster. Then Lois finally reads the letter Jimmy's younger brother sent her and finds out that he's coming to town to try to intern at the Daily Planet tomorrow. Meanwhile Conner is kidnapped by persons unknown and Clark races to find him. Jimmy's younger brother investigates and finds out that person used kryptonite to subdue him. Meanwhile Conner is interogated by woman. She asks him to join their group. He refuses. Jimmy discovers where they are holding him and goes by himself to try and prove himself to Clark. Jimmy is captured by the woman revealed to be Plastique. Superman uses his super hearing to find them and flies in and quickly takes Jimmy and Conner to safety. He comes back and asks Plastique why she did it. She replies I wanted him to join us. Superman says I will find Flag. And Plastique replies Flag isn't the one in charge anymore. And then she uses Kryptonite to escape. Conner returns and rescues Clark from the Kryptonite. Jimmy goes to the planet and turns in some photos he took before he was captured. Perry tells him he's too young, but when he comes of age he will always be welcome.

Episode 7 "Retaliation": Clark has been trying to avoid Lex because he is afraid he will trigger a memory. But Cyborg comes to town and tells Clark that Oliver is trying so hard to expose Lex that he's losing himself. Chloe is also in town trying to convince Oliver to come home with her to Star City. He won't listen because he is so blinded by rage. He goes to meet Lex and knocks out the security guards and hits Lex. Lex has regained enough of his memory to remember his early childhood with Oliver. Lex says "I could easilly have you thrown in jail, but for old times sake if you leave now I won't press charges". Oliver is about to hit him again, but Cyborg appears and stops him. Oliver attempts to fight him but Cyborg convinces him to leave. Back at Watchtower Clark, Lois, Chloe, and Cyborg try to calm Oliver. Oliver is at first furious, but soon is brought to extreme sadness. He says,"She didn't deserve to die, Clark." With the combined forces of Clark, Lois, Chloe, and Cyborg, they convince him to go back to Star City with Chloe after the funeral, and let Clark deal with Lex. Clark, Lois, Oliver, Chloe, and Cyborg attend Tess's funeral. And in the last scene Oliver glances at Lex.

Episode 8 "Suicide": The Mayor of Metropolis is assassinated and Clark flies to the scene. He investigates and finds no leads. Later Lois finds out that in the coroner's report the bullet had the mayor's name on it. Clark instantly recognizes it as Deadshot's trademark. Superman tracks him down to an abandoned warehouse where Deadshot shoots him in the shoulder with a kryptonite bullet. Rick Flag appears and beats on him just for kicks. (pun intended) Clark asks what he wants. Rick says he wants revenge for those years Chloe blackmailed them into helping her, but someone higher up wants something else. Deadshot leans down and takes a sample of his blood and puts it in a vial. They leave him there in agony, but Lois finds him using a lead from a source. She take him to Dr. Hamilton and he removes the bullet just in time. Superman searches for them but he can't find them. In the last scene it shows the squad in a checkered room waiting for someone. A woman walks in and is revealed to be an alive Amanda Waller (her hair is shorter) She says by order of the Preident the Black Op organization Checkmate is reinstated. Congratulations. You are the lucky few. You get to do what other agents aren't allowed to think about. Welcome to the Suicide Squad.

Episode 9 "Fate": Zatanna comes to town and tells Clark that there are some mysterious mystical disturbances occuring all over the world and she has tracked the source to the JSA brownstone. She asks Clark for some backup. They go to investigate and find a woman holding the Helmet of Nabu. Zatanna tries to get her to put it down, but the woman won't so Zatanna attacks. Surprisingly the woman easily defeats Clark, and she eventually defeats Zatanna. Once Clark and Zatanna recover they trace the woman down to a grave yard and they see the woman emitting some energy from her hands through the helet and consuming a grave. They try to stop her, but she puts a forcefield around herself. Superman and Zatanna watch in amazement as Kent Nelson rises from the dead. He puts the helmet on his head and says, "Do not be alarmed". Clark says how is this possible? Dr. Fate replies, " I told my wife Inza that if a suitable replacement was not found for the helmet that she needed to bring me back. Because there must always be a Dr. Fate. And there must always be a balance. Clark and Dr. Fate catch up. And Inza apologizes to Zatanna. Zatanna asks that Inza teach her some of her powers. Inza agrees.

Episode 10 "Kneel": General Zod and his two followers are able to escape their suspended animation and find their way to Earth. Zod, of course, immediatelly begins plotting his revenge on Superman. Zod has his followers spy on Clark at the planet and discovers that his old "friend" Lex is alive. (Major Zod bonded with the General Zod wraith so he has all the memories of possessing Lex) General Zod sets out to search for someone to help him defeat Clark. He finds out that Faora and his creation was buried deap beneath the Earth. He pays a visit to Lex, but soon finds out that Lex has no memory of his past. Zod says that he will help him gain his entire memory back if he will help him di something up. Lex discovers that the kryptonite that powers his breastplate weakens Zod. He captures Zod and has his Scientists experiment on him because he doesn't trust him. Zod's followers disregard their need to remain anonomys and start trying to find their leader. They attack Lexcorp and Superman shows up and after a major battle he defeats them. He imprisons the in the fortress temporarily until he figures out what to do with them. Lex makes a call to the person experimenting on Zod who turns out to be Toyman. Toyman says that they've made a fascinating discovery. Lex says, "I want to know everything".

Episode 11 "New Krypton Part 1 and 2":

Well thats half. Please comment I like to know people's opinions.

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