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Lillian at the Mansion.

Smallville: Luthor is a fan-fic that takes place in a universe where Lillian and Julian Luthor didn't die.

Changes from the Source Series

Lex Luthor SeasonOne

Lex in Season 1.

  • Season 1 - Lillian neither kills Julian or dies herself. Instead, she is exposed to the Meteor Shower with Lex, and she also becomes part of a secret group looking for the Traveler and trying to study Krypto-Freaks.


Main Characters

Tess Mercer2

Dressed up Tess.

  • Clark Kent
  • Lionel Luthor
  • Lillian Luthor
  • Lex Luthor
  • Julian Luthor
  • Tess Mercer
  • Davis Bloome
  • Jonathan Kent
  • Martha Kent
  • Chloe Sullivan
  • Lana Lang
  • Pete Ross
  • Whitney Fordman

Supporting Characters

Steven Hamilton

Hamilton is approached by Lillian.

  • Gabe Sullivan
  • Principle Kwan
  • Roger Nixon
  • Steve Hamilton


  • This fan-fic is a culmination of various other stories done by me and MiracleBoy 5200 aside from Smallville: Luthor, due to Smallville: Luthor not starting until this series had already been started.

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