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Tess at LuthorCorp.

Season 1 of Smallville: Luthor. It is based during the first season of Smallville.


Differences from Smallville


Tess saved by Clark.

  • Tess was never given up for adoption and is raised by Lionel alongside Lex.
  • Tess is also awake long enough to see Clark swim up to save them.
  • It's hinted Tess had a history with Bruce.
  • Unlike the series, Lex is more interested in the Meteor Rocks while Tess is the one obsessed with the accident.
  • Also, Tina Greer impersonates Tess instead of Lex.


Main Characters

Luthor pilot

Clark saves Lex.

  • Clark Kent
  • Lex Luthor
  • Tess Luthor
  • Jonathan Kent
  • Martha Kent
  • Chloe Sullivan
  • Lana Lang
  • Pete Ross
  • Whitney Fordman

Supporting Characters

  • 101x0015

    Lionel talks to Lex.

    Lionel Luthor (2/??)
  • Gabe Sullivan (1/??)
  • Principal Kwan (1/??)
  • Roger Nixon (1/??)


  • Pilot
  • Metamorphesis
  • Hothead
  • X-Ray
  • Cool (in progress)

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