• DoomsdaySlayer

    Three Candidates

    February 3, 2011 by DoomsdaySlayer

    So I've decided on three candidates for Aussiello's blanked out, upcoming character appearance.

              • K***

    1. Curtis Knox

    2. Conner Kent (Superboy)

    3. Cosmic King

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  • DoomsdaySlayer

    So everyone knows that Zod is coming to Smallville. How, why and from where? Did the Zod-zoner come out and posess someone else? Did Brainiac wizz in a cup and it magically formed Zod? Or is something else entirely happening here?

    We keep hearing purposefully p.o.s explanations so that no big secrets will be given away. "All I'll say is that i'm not actually going to say anything that is even slightly relevant to what we're talking about but it's better than getting c<m in your eye". That's what they're telling us.

    Here's what I think. Thanks to my research I've read that this Zod, Major - not General, comes from somewhere in Krypton's past. Maybe he's been on Kandor and comes out when Tess opens up the portal with the rest of his Zod-cronie…

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  • DoomsdaySlayer

    Lois comes back from the future with the Legion flight ring and throughout the season until the mid-season cliffhange has visions of the possible future which will happen if Clark doesn't stop it. Now all of this information, obtained from, leads me to believe that at some point this season Lois will find out that Clark and the Blur are the same person. And a teaser trailer for the new season show Lois making love to someone who looks an awful lot like Clark, which will be amazing considering Clark always has that "I can't do it because I don't trust myself with my powers" mindset going on. It also feels to me as though Lois will be the one to bring Clark back to humanity's fold and convince him to re-embrace his humanity. …

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