So everyone knows that Zod is coming to Smallville. How, why and from where? Did the Zod-zoner come out and posess someone else? Did Brainiac wizz in a cup and it magically formed Zod? Or is something else entirely happening here?

We keep hearing purposefully p.o.s explanations so that no big secrets will be given away. "All I'll say is that i'm not actually going to say anything that is even slightly relevant to what we're talking about but it's better than getting c<m in your eye". That's what they're telling us.

Here's what I think. Thanks to my research I've read that this Zod, Major - not General, comes from somewhere in Krypton's past. Maybe he's been on Kandor and comes out when Tess opens up the portal with the rest of his Zod-cronies. Now over the course of the season he has his confrontations with certain Earth-based Kryptonians, well one anyway, and will eventually somehow make his way back to Krypton's past and become the General Zod we all know from Season Six's Zod. Either that or we are to believe that this Zod is from some other alternate reality entirely and Smallville has become vested in the shief of reality-jumping villains who are but mirror images of characters we've read about for years now which I'm getting really tired of. They'll be like "It's Zod, just not the Zod. It's another Zod, a different Zod, a better Zod." "There are similarities but they are totally different Zods."

The geography on Smallville is always up in the air....get it? Seriously Metropolis, in the comics and various other DC character related paraphenalia is located on the East Coast, not somewhere just shy of the exact center of the midwest. The first person to point out to me that Smallville is it's own continuity is going to get this message board crammed up their nose. Gotham City and New York also take up that East Coast position. And yet according to Linda Lake, she could see the Gotham City skyline from her office, or something like that. Now all over the world apparently, people have heard of the red-blue blur. But up to point, there hasn't even been a whisper of a vigilante running around Gotham. Nor of a really strong woman in a USA swimsuit, nothing. Apparently Clark is the only hero doing anything anywhere aside from the smattering of leaguers posted around the Globe, of whom also not one has come into contact with Bruce Wayne or Diana ala Wonder Woman ala Diana Prince. And it's not even Bruce Wayne physically showing up in Metropolis or on the Kent Barn, which is something I'll get to later by the way, that I'm asking for. Nobody has heard or mentioned anything of Gotham other than that one reference. The Flash is posted in Keystone or Central City, Clark was there with him for a minute or two. Bludhaven, Star City, almost every city in the DC continuity has been brought up. It's like the only heroes working anywhere are the ones that show up on the series.

Bruce Wayne needs to show up on Smallville. Fans want it. We keep getting guff about how you guys want to keep Batman in his own continuity. Then why did he show up in Justice League: New Frontier. Why is there a Superman/Batman: Public Enemies movie? You didn't want any kind of serious Clois work done on Smallville until after Superman Returns came out because you wanted to blow a load there. Now this season brings us closer to what us "shippers" want to see, Clark and Lois realizing that they're meant for each other. All I'm saying is that the fans are smart enough, some of us, to keep the continuities straight and say "Hey, they have Bruce Wayne on Smallville. Obviously that's not meant to be the same Bruce Wayne from the hugely successful new franchise of Batman movies nor is Smallville supposed to be that same franchise's version of Superman. Cut it one way all across the board if you're gonna be like that.

Now for the real stuff. Get ready, Clois fans, this season is all for us. I don't know why Lois is kissing John Corben, no clue. But Smallville execs have promised that this season will be full-tilt Clois and we'll see a love triangle between Lois/Clark/Red-Blue Blur. And research indicates that the brief glimpses of Clark and Lois making love in the premiere trailer are not a dream so it really happens. That means that Clark gets over his fear of killing a woman while making love to her so take it from there. My bets are also on what I hope to be Lois learning the secret at some point this season and being able to keep that knowledge without any time-rewinds or alternate realities or mindwipes. I also think this should be the last season because I really don't want Smallville to become one of those shows that just stays on TV for as long as it can despite become increasingly unpopular with loyal fans who want the show to end the right way and not just because it's losing its ratings. I think Lois should have a big hand in creating the actual "Superman" identity, Martha should come back for the costume and his first Superman rescue should be the Space Plane incident where Lois gives him the name. Lois needs to remind Clark of why his humanity is a good thing, no, a great thing.
Finally to Tom. We know you don't want to wear the suit and believe me, when it's over no one will confuse your portrayal of Clark Kent with anyone else's as Superman. You'll have a career beyond this show if you want one. You're my favorite Clark Kent, even above Christopher Reeve may he rest in peace. And what I love so much about Smallville that the movies missed is that you guys over there put the man before the Super where they do it the other way around and when that happens the point has been missed. So you keep doing what you're doing. But when it comes times to tear down the fortress set and put on the speed-blur effects one last time, just give those of us who watched a reason to believe again that a man can fly.

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