Chloe Sullivan, some love her...some hate her, but in my opinion she should be one of the characters to come back for the Tenth Season of Smallville. I've loved her since the very beginning and I think she should come back and stay for the possible last and tenth season along with Callum Blue. I've always suspected that Chloe was either going to die in every other season, but she never did. In the Season 6 finale, I thought she was forever dead but it turned out that in Season 7 she was revived. I'm hoping that she doesn't die in the Season 9 finale, or leave the show because she is loved by the Chlark fans. And I'm one of them, or was until Season 9 began. But I believe that Chloe should soldier on for at least another Season. Season 10 for me would be great if Chloe stayed on deck. I'm hoping that Allison Mack will consider staying.

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