Okay we've officially heard the news. Some good and some. . .not so good. For the Martha Kent fans out there in the fanbase, Annette O Toole has agreed to return for at least one episode this May. She's set to appear in 9-21: "Hostage" along with Michael Mckean??(Spelling is wrong maybe?) in that episode. But heres the real kicker, Michael Rosenbaum has officially stated on his Twitter account, that he has no interest to return in the Tenth Season of Smallville. The whole entire point of this article is to get Michael back. But unfortunately thats not going to happen. I believe both Annette and Michael should be back, and lets not forget some other characters as well, like Kara. Have Kara come back for like one episode and then not stay. Producers should ask Laura Vandervoort to come back for one episode like they did in Season 8. And Clarks old buddy Pete, should be in an episode for Season 10. But who knows, we'll eventually learn some new intriguing info for next year. Check Kryptonsite for further news updates.

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