• Fasteddy75

    I have been waiting for the Lois and Clark Cronicles to begin, since she first walked onto the set. And tonight's episode on the last scene finally did it! Hooray! Clark finally, with a little wisdom pushing from Chole, grabbed his boot strapps and tightened his belt, and went for it, and she went back for it too! I was so happy they finally got here. Now the Super Small Superman Story can finally begin. The battles with all his arch enemies and the Justice League forming all the good stuff is finally happening. Only one sour note, ZOD, this zod dude is kinda wimpy. As some and I mean some of you know, the voice of Jor-EL is played by the original General Zod when Christopher Reeves played Superman. Also when Margo Kidder was Lois Lane. An…

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