So most of you probably know about Gotham at this point. It's basically Smallville, except for Batman. Episode 1 is Bruce's parents dying when he's only twelve years old. We're only a season in and he's already started some basic training with Alfred.

Right now the show is as much about Jim Gordon and The Penguin as it is about Bruce. But I think that will change as Bruce gets closer to his eventual heroic destiny. The question is, with so many similarities between them, what can Gotham learn from Smallville's mistakes?

I think the first and most important thing they can do, is to not get too attached to the way things are. Because by the very nature of the series, they have to change in order to get to the Gotham that first-year Batman is ready for. Smallville grew far too attached to its past, keeping Lana Lang on the show for far longer than they needed to. Gotham can't afford to wait till season 9 for Bruce to leave for his training with Ras.

At the same time, they need to learn to work with what they have. If they can't get some aspect of the Batman mythos set up in time without it feeling forced, don't bother. I think Smallville made a lot of mistakes in the final few seasons just because they felt they had to become exactly like the comics by the end. Gotham should know not to try quite so hard. Better to just let things work out slightly differently than to derail the train just because you're on the wrong track.

They also need to learn to cut the slack. A lot of plotlines in Smallville seemed out of place, doing nothing to progress towards the Superman mythos. Lex getting stranded on an island. Jimmy's marriage to Chloe, and subsequent death. Oliver Queen. Gotham needs to realize that they have a lot to do before Batman can don the cape and cowl. They don't have time to spend a quarter-season on Doctor Fate getting Alfred out of a coma. They need those episodes to explain how Poison Ivy got her powers.

So basically, keep moving forward, work with what you have, don't worry about the endgame quite so much, but also don't get sidetracked. What important lessons from Smallville do you think Gotham needs to keep in mind?

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