Smallville: Battlefield is an ARG launched on 10/03/09 by Smallville fan site Smallville Brain. Its plot involves choosing between two different sides as a "meteor infected" individual. Supposedly, a war is coming in which the two sides will battle.


The owner of Smallville Brain receives two mysterious letters from two different uknown figures, and he is asked to post them on his website. The letters state that a war is coming and that the "meteor infected" will be forced to pick a side. It appears that that choice will involve deciding between the author of one letter or the author of the other. Recruitment will supposedly begin on 10/09/09. It is unclear what will happen when this date arrives.


The Two Letters

The ARG begins with a post in the news section of the home page of the website stating that the site owner received two letters from two different mysterious individuals. The first of which is signed by a being who calls himself "Angel". It reads:

"Smallville Brain,

My colleagues and I have noticed your site and would like to make you an offer. Something very dark is about to happen. The world will be wiped of all life and happiness... We will all die. I write to you now in haste. I believe someone is following me, watching my every move. A very dangerous individual has risen from the ashes and will contact you before the day is up. Ignore him. I am asking you to please post this letter on your website as a warning to everyone out there. We don't have much time. If someone contacts you who calls himself "The Beacon", do not listen to him. He is a liar.

If you are meteor-infected, you will soon be forced to make a tough choice. You will have to pick a side. A war is coming... Get ready.


The owner of the site said that he received a second letter soon after, which reads:

"Smallville Brain,

Your site has drawn our attention. We would like to request that you post this letter for all to see. It is of the utmost importance.

I'm out of time. We all are. The pain will be too great to imagine when the coming war at last comes into play. Be warned. A man going by the name Angel will attempt to recruit you to fght for him. He speaks lies. He is the cause of this...all of t. I am a Beacon...a Beacon in a world of darkness. Come to me, and I will show you the way. I will provide protection from Angel and other men like him. With me as your will survive.

For years, the meteor infected have been oppressed and discriminated against. It's time to take back what is rightfully ours. Join me, and together we will create a brighter future. That is my promise.

Sincerely yours,


It is then stated that "recruitment" will begin on 10/09/09.

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