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December 22, 2010
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    Chlollie wtf

    January 21, 2011 by Icon-0777

    Chlollie is a ratings booster, so its no use attempting to argue the fact that it isn't. But I am begging the writers of Smallville not to turn Smallville in Chlollie Cloisville until AM leaves the show for good. I please give us some decent Chloe Clark, Chloe Lois interaction, I'm getting sick of Clark not interacting with any of the other main characters. I want to see some of the the old spark Smallville had. I want to see Chlark interaction [Not Romance just freindship] I want to see Chloe act like the Chloe that was such an intergral part to Smallville, I don't want to see the Lexified version of Chloe that we got in Season 9. I don't want to see Chlollie become an annoyingly overdone Clois style.

    I Just want to like Smallville again


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    Chloe the Traitor

    January 10, 2011 by Icon-0777

    Ok somebody recently updated the Collateral summary to say that basically, that Chloe returns, and Clark doubts her loyalty. Ok WTF I'm sorry but if Chloe turns out to be a traitor I'm going to flip out, I am going to throw my Tv. Chloe was the best charecter added to the series [Besides Lex, Clark, Lionel, and Jonathon] and the writers digitally raped her, charecter, and made her charecter as far from likable [and this is coming from a Chloe fan] as possible in season 9. I mean she started as a back ground charecter, then became ever more important, until she peaked in S8. and then she went from slightly enjoyable in S8 to completely unenjoyable in S9, and now she might betray Clark after ten seasons of her being a pivotal part of Clarks …

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    I can't wait for the second half of season 10. Collatral looks awesome, and from what I heard they seem to tone down the ammount of Clois [My only problem with S10] . and with the return of Chloe [Hopefully AM will for the series finally wouldn't be the same if Chloe wasn't in the finale] this second half of S10 looks great. Now I'm not going to get to excited since midway through S9 every has disappointed me to an extent [Even Absolute Justice, true it was great episode but event it had problems Micheal Shanks Batman voice being super terrible] But if they tone down Clois, and give us some more Blur action It should be good.

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    I don't hate Clois

    December 29, 2010 by Icon-0777

    I don't hate Clois, I hate the excution of Clois, I hate the fact that it was rushed, I hate the fact that it cock blocking the plot of the show, I hate that Clois could've have been truly great and enjoyable but isn't, I hate that its so mushy luvy dovey, and above all I HATE THAT ITS A RATING BOOSTER

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    Heres my thoughts on how Clois could've been better, and more well received by people like me who watch the show, and enjoy the show for the plot.

    1. Tone down the ammount of Clois. We all know that Lois, and Clark are in love, and don't need the constant reminders of every two seconds. This will make people who watch the show for the plot, go Awww, instead Oh more of this. and Make Clois more like enjoyable to the people who watch the show just for Clois. because their moments will be more special, and less everyday.

    2. Give the Chlark, and Clana fans proper closure. Neither Chlark, nor Clana got proper closure. Clana got one last kiss, Lana crying as she walked away, and Clark in so much pain. And Chlark fan got a half ass Fever letter di…

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