Ok somebody recently updated the Collateral summary to say that basically, that Chloe returns, and Clark doubts her loyalty. Ok WTF I'm sorry but if Chloe turns out to be a traitor I'm going to flip out, I am going to throw my Tv. Chloe was the best charecter added to the series [Besides Lex, Clark, Lionel, and Jonathon] and the writers digitally raped her, charecter, and made her charecter as far from likable [and this is coming from a Chloe fan] as possible in season 9. I mean she started as a back ground charecter, then became ever more important, until she peaked in S8. and then she went from slightly enjoyable in S8 to completely unenjoyable in S9, and now she might betray Clark after ten seasons of her being a pivotal part of Clarks life

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