Chlollie is a ratings booster, so its no use attempting to argue the fact that it isn't. But I am begging the writers of Smallville not to turn Smallville in Chlollie Cloisville until AM leaves the show for good. I please give us some decent Chloe Clark, Chloe Lois interaction, I'm getting sick of Clark not interacting with any of the other main characters. I want to see some of the the old spark Smallville had. I want to see Chlark interaction [Not Romance just freindship] I want to see Chloe act like the Chloe that was such an intergral part to Smallville, I don't want to see the Lexified version of Chloe that we got in Season 9. I don't want to see Chlollie become an annoyingly overdone Clois style.

I Just want to like Smallville again

But thats not going to happen oh well I'll get prepared for the Disappointment that will be Collateral Next week.

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