Ok Lets start with Clois, Clois could have been so good. it could've made the show better then it was before. It could've been the what made Smallville. But as it stands right now Clois is annoying, Overused, and and rushed. We get Lois, and Clark love each other, do we really need to be reminded every two seconds, do we need to be so Lovey Dovey. NO! Clois is worst the Clana in its hayday, because unlike Clois, Clana didn't interfere with the story. Look at season 10, look at the unresolved plot lines, Darkseid, the VrA, the Suicide Squad, Chloe fake killing herself, Lionel's return, the Lex clones. But what do we get instead of major plot episodes, We get a guest star every episodes, we get Lois getting possessed by issis, we get Clark proposing to Lois. In fact look at Icarus, Carter dies, and the only thing that I read is "Oh my god Lois, and Clark are getting engaged. Well I'm sorry Clois fans but the truth is all Clois is, is a a rating booster nothing more. and before you freak out and are like "Oh my god Clana fan [Which I'm not]" Just ask yourself. How many people do you know who only watch Smallville because of Clois. A lot right?

Now on with the Drastic Changes in between Season 8/9

Not only does the writing take a major turn towards bad. I mean all they did was turn Chloe into a season 1 Lex Luthor, Oliver into Batman, in fact I'm surprised he isn't wearing all black and a cowl. and Tess being the Swiss Army Knife of Smallville. its like the producers don't want to spend the money to hire a new actor/actress, and are like are like "Ok we're introducing Checkmate, and we need to save money what can we do?" and then another yells "I know lets surprise the audience, and reveal her to be a Checkmate agent" and who even thought about Tess being a Luthor, come on really is the nessecary to the plot NO. Ok bye give me your thoughts on Clois, but don't be like "It Happened in the Mythos, so it has to happen in Smallville" give me some logical well thought out reasons for Smallville to happen

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