Heres my thoughts on how Clois could've been better, and more well received by people like me who watch the show, and enjoy the show for the plot.

1. Tone down the ammount of Clois. We all know that Lois, and Clark are in love, and don't need the constant reminders of every two seconds. This will make people who watch the show for the plot, go Awww, instead Oh more of this. and Make Clois more like enjoyable to the people who watch the show just for Clois. because their moments will be more special, and less everyday.

2. Give the Chlark, and Clana fans proper closure. Neither Chlark, nor Clana got proper closure. Clana got one last kiss, Lana crying as she walked away, and Clark in so much pain. And Chlark fan got a half ass Fever letter discussion.

3. Clois was not well developed. I don't care what you Clois fans say, Clois was rushed beyond belief. Clark, and Lois went from mildly to just plain attracted. To obsessive in season 9. Especially since the early season's were spent pretty much with Clark, and Lois denying that they had any attraction sure they had Crimson. but even that had Chlark, and Clana in it. They should've spent the entire season 8, and 9 developing Clois into something great, but they didn't we got a drastic change in Lois, and Clark's character. if they spent the time to change Clark, and Lois slowly it would've been great

4. Chlark friendship killed. Chlark friendship was murdered, and destroyed beyond belief. I don't even know how to describe how terrible it is that Chloe, and Clark from inseprable friends who had each others back no matter what. to Barely talking, and when they do talk its Strictly because Chloe is Watchtower, and Clark is the Blur. Sorry but the point is that this is another one of the Drastic changes in season nine that I don't like to much. I just have to ask how do friends as close, as Clark, and Chloe just stop being friends after two mistakes from both parties [Chloe protecting Davis, and Splitting Davis. Clark trying to save Davis, and being unable to throw Davis into the Phantom zone] Chlark was dealt with poorly.

Ok I noticed that people really have two idea's on how what will happen with Chloe. One is she will be the new Doctor Fate and Two is she will be the Smallville version of Power Girl. My Doctor Fate Theory is she comes back, and after her episodes, She forces herself to become Doctor Fate, to save Clark, or Oliver, and goes Crazy, and is last scene in the Belle Reeve.

and my Power Girl Theory is, she some how gains Kryptonian powers [From either Jor-El, or Some how blending her DNA, with Clarks] I noticed that Chloe is wearing all white in the Promo, and we all know that White is the colour Power Girl wears predomenatly, and as we know Smallville tends to put their actors into colours that represent their comic counter part.

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