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  • ImperiexSeed

    Your favorite

    September 6, 2016 by ImperiexSeed

    Who's your favorite character, and why-

    What's your favorite season, and why-

    What's your favorite episode, and why-

    Who's your favorite meteor-freak, supporting villain, and main villain, and why-

    What's your favorite superpower, and why-

    What are some of your favorite effects used on the show-

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  • ImperiexSeed

    Quick analysis

    September 3, 2012 by ImperiexSeed

    Of all the episodes of Smallville, how many times did Clark wear a yellow shirt, which DOESN'T count his yellow jacket? I only saw him wear one in "Duplicity".

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  • ImperiexSeed

    Jor-El's taken his son, Clark Kent's, powers on more than one occasion. So I ask you, why didn't he just take away both Ayther and Namek's powers, or Major Zod, or Faora possessing Lois? I understand if he wanted Kal-El to situate it on his own, but it would've saved the world a lot of unnecessary damage. Thoughts, opinions?

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  • ImperiexSeed

    In Finale, Part 1/Finale, Part 2, Chloe was reading a boy (presumably being her's and Oliver's son) a book titled "Smallville".

    My question is, who could've wrote that, since only a person who holds Clark's secret could know all that was in it.

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  • ImperiexSeed

    I'm Back!

    February 7, 2012 by ImperiexSeed

    Hello, avid Smallville fans, I'm back, and ready for some more editing! :) I apologize for being gone (or as I should say, "not active"), I've just been really busy, hope you understand.

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