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Bruce Wayne (ImperiexSeed blog)
Bruce Wayne
Family Thomas Wayne (father, deceased), Martha Wayne (mother, deceased), Alfred Pennyworth (adoptive father)
Occupation Vigilante
Powers and
Peak physical condition, skilled hand to hand combatant, and strategist
Played By Christian Bale
Status Alive

Bruce Wayne is an extremely wealthy individual, owns Wayne Enterprises, and is secretly Batman, also called the Dark Knight, an ego which he uses to fight crime and save people.

Physical Appearance

Bruce is a very attractive man with brown eyes and brown hair. Bruce, as a simple business man, usually wears well-tailored suits, but as Batman, he wears all-black armor, which is highly durable, a mask, with a teethed cape.


Powers and Abilities

Trained most diligently as well as vigorously by the League of Shadows, taught to be resistant pain, and to become the fear of his adversaries and opponents, Bruce is in prime human physical condition, at the highest peak possible and achievable, being extremely agile, stronger, and fast. With the aid of his suit, the Batman costume, he becomes, by default, more durable and strong, and surprisingly enough, even with the suit he is able to be very mobile. Utilizing other gadgets, like swords, throwing knives, Batarangs, a grappling gun, or explosive powders, he becomes more dangerous which makes him not easily beaten. He has proven to be a master strategist.

Early Life

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