I have a question concerning Maxwell's abilities... I just re-watched the "Charade" episode like last night, remember how Maxwell had some people, including Lois, at his lab so he could get the Blur's identity, by combining all their memories of him together, to form what he looked like, well, when Clark arrived, Maxwell warned him off, saying, "Stop, you take one more step and I'll eviscerate every last thought in her head", referring to Lois, well Clark jumped into the air, at super speed, and broke through the capsule, but when he returned to normal speed Maxwell was gone... So, did he have super speed, because to me, there's no other logical explanation, because Clark was in super speed mode at the time, and he couldn't have disappeared, unless he is a speedster? But, because this was barely explored and was not explicitly demonstrated, it's just speculation, nothing more, really. Any thoughts on this one?

There was something else that I also didn't understand, how did Major Zod escape Clark's gaze in "Kandor", as he was powerless at the time? Clark was looking at his father's grave, then Zod appeared, Clark looked over, and he was gone, but how could that be possible without his speed, cause Clark views everything in slow motion, so logically, Zod shouldn't have been able to escape his gaze...

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