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Clark's Best Fight & Re-Best Episode

I have compiled a list of ten of Clark's best fights. This is just like a minor add on to the Best Episode Of Smallville for which I will post the votes so far.


Clark Vs Zod - "Salvation", Clark Vs Alia - "Saviour", Clark Vs Doomsday - "Doomsday", Clark Vs Bizarro - "Bizarro", Clark Vs Bizarro - "Phantom", Clark Vs Titan - "Combat", Clark Vs Zod - "Zod", Clark Vs Margaret Isobel Thoreaux - "Sacred", Clark Vs Jonathan Kent - "Phoenix", Clark Vs Greg Arkin - "Metamorphosis"

If I have missed any that are better than these ten please suggest them.

The Current Votes For Best Smallville Episode:

Most Dramatic: Reckoning - (2 votes), Covenant - (1 vote)

Most Epic: Commencement - (1 vote), Justice - (2 votes)

Most Intreaguing: Vessel - (1 vote), Scion - (1 vote), Luthor - (1 vote)

Most Complex: Collateral - (2 votes)

Cast your vote to be counted

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