Everyone is intitled to an opinion but I would like to know their reasons behind their opinion. Lot have people have been blown away by the Finale an will say it is their favorite episode while others will say they were disappointed with the Finale. Personally I liked it but I did see its floors.

  1. Apokolips was cool but the episode was similar in a way to Vessel/Zod.
  2. I never liked the movie Superman Returns so I would have liked to see an alternative way to move Apokolips away.
  3. It is unclear the effects of Gold K. In Luthor it was shown that Gold K had been used on Clark Luthor by Lex to scar him for life. In Kent, Prophecy and Finale it is made clear that Gold K takes away Kryptonian abilities permanently like in the comic books. If this was true Clark Luthor would have never have been able to use his abilities to attack the real Clark in Kent, nor would have been able to attack Watchtower in Luthor. You could take the opinion that Gold K works differently in Earth - 2 but then this is discontinued due to the fact that Green Kryptonite works just the same in Earth - 2 as it does in Earth - 1.
  4. I would have actually liked to have seen Tom Welling in the Superman suit (Clearly) intead of them using CGI.
  5. I also would have liked to have seen the surface of Apokolips when Clark pushes it away.
  6. I wanted to see what happened after Clark pushed away Apokolips and returned to Earth.

Dispite these floor it still makes my third favorite episode of all time (2 being Reckoning and 1 being Salvation).

If you have a problem with this episode I would like to hear your reasons for disliking it.

I know it wasn't perfect.

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