I think these ideas have been dominating this wiki since the Finale aired in May. Many people have said that episodes in Season 10 where disappointing, including the Finale. I particularly liked the Finale however it there were certain things I wanted to see. I am sure that many people feel the same way not just about the Finale but the entire season. Lets come up with solutions to the parts in the season we didn't like instead of coming up with an 11th or 12th season that are never going to happen, great ideas though. If you want to make up a season focus your energy into a better final season. PS. I still would have liked to see the Finale actually named something instead of just Finale 1 and Finale 2. I would have gone with the title I have been pushing for years: Revelation. It is the Apokolips/Apocalypse afterall. Guess what happened in the book of revelation > end of the world. But I go on as I tend to do sometimes.

Getting back to my original point though lets see your ideas for a better season 10.

I like coming up with awesome episode titles so here are my alternatives.

1) Lazarus

2) Shield

3) Supergirl > Paradox

4) Homecoming > Temporal

5) Isis > Tectonic (New overall plot as well)

6) Harvest > Plague

7) Ambush > Renegade

8) Abandoned > Sanctum

9) Patriot > Fracture

10) Luthor > Unknown

11) Icarus

12) Collateral

13) Beacon

14) Masquerade

15) Fortune > Division

16) Scion

17) Kent > Gateway

18) Booster > Adversity

19) Dominion

20) Prophecy (New main plot, more epic)

21) Finale, Part 1 > Revelation, Part 1

22) Finale, Part 2 > Revelation, Part 2

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