What could the last five episodes of Smallville hold? There are many questions that should be asked, mind you though it will probably be answered on the date of the episode's release but where's the fun in that. It is fun to guess and speculate.


Q1: How did Zod get his body back? The actual General Zod that Clark faced in season six had his body destroyed before entering the Phantom Zone as a Phantom.

Q2: Is it possible that once sent to a New Krypton that Vala, Basqat and the other Kandorians punished Zod for Faora's death by sending him to the Phantom Zone? This would explain the reason Zod is seen with his body in the preview images.

Q3: If this is true is the Zod seen in the pictures Zod's clone banished from a New Krypton or has the real General Zod possessed his former self while roaming the Phantom Zone?

Q4: What could have Oliver possibly said or suggested that Clark would take him to the Phantom Zone?

Q5: Could this be the will of Darkseid as he has influence over Oliver?


Q1: What could the Toyman possibly be doing back in Metropolis?

Q2: Is it possible that Toyman is back due to the same reason as General Slade returns in Dominion? IE: Darkseid.

Q3: Or Is it possible that Toyman is back due to Lex Luthor already being back?

(I can imagine the final scene of the episode when the Toyman goes to a man beging forgiveness before the mysterious bald man shoots him and says "You have failed me for the last time!")

Q4: What is the significance of The Bow Of Orion and Darkseid's influence?


For fun: How is Smallville going to end?

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