What could we possibly see in future episodes from the information we have all ready got.

Kent: Obviously we will see Jonathan and Clark Luthor but how will the episode end the conflict between the two Clark's. How will the real Clark send Clark Luthor back to Earth - 2 (Lord knows he's not going to kill him) PZ possibly.... and how will Clark get back to Earth - 1.

Booster: Once again it is obvious we will see Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle but how will the episode supposedly change Clark's way of life. Could we possibly see him taking flight??? Will Darkseid show his wrath or will he quietly sit in the corner waiting for the finale. Just looking back on previous seasons we have an idea on how it will end. In season 8 we knew there was going to be a show down between Clark and Doomsday and in season 9 we knew that Zod had given his troops power and was planning to overthrow humanity.

Dominion: Surely this will be a Darkseid heavy episode. Could we see the Granny, Dasaad or Godfrey? What could the title suggest. Not much is known. If Zod is going to return he'll better do it in this episode or the next one. Could this be the episode that Darkseid finally reveals himself?

Prophesy: If Zod turns up in this one he'll steal Kara's thunder. It is the penultimate episode so it will obviously end with a very interesting finish to lead into the finale. What is Kara returning for anyway could it have something to do with what happened last time she visited. If Clark hasn't started flying by the end of the episode I will be slightly disappionted. Regarding the title it could have something to do with "Rao's Prophesy" which will make sence if Zod returns as well. In the final moments I think we will either see Lex or Clark finally embracing his destiny completly by either flying or becoming Superman (or will he wait for the finale?).

Finale: I have absolutly no clue regardless it is the end so obviously by the end we will se Clark fly and embrace his destiny as Superman if he didn't in the previous episode. It is also the end of Darkseid so he will either be destroyed or will be banished back to what ever place he came from. How will the Clark and Lex arch or the story end? I don't know. I hope it is epic. Share what you think is installed for us..

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