This is the final stretch and some questions need to be answered.

  1. What does the final episodes of Season 10 hold?
  2. What plots are underway?
  3. How will Chloe's story come to an end? Death? A New Dr Fate?
  4. What will become of Alexander aka Conner Kent?
  5. How will Lex Luthor return?
  6. What is Darkseid's plan now that he has lost contact with his minions? What will he do with Oliver?
  7. What advise could Jonathan Kent have for his son to step into the light and become Superman?
  8. Will Zod return and if so how and why?
  9. Who else will return?
  10. What will happen in Clark's final confrontation with his old friend and Darkseid?
  11. How will it all end?

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